Xi is our stunning Mini American princess from the prestigious Dynasty kennel in Georgia, USA. Dynasty are scrupulous and exhaustive in their requirements for their puppy homes (just how it should be!) and to this end Xi is their first ever export. I am delighted that Kim placed her trust in us and let this beautiful girl join our family. Xi imported in September 2012.

Xi (pronounced Zee) is named after the star Xi-Cephei. This star's traditional Arabic name is 'Kurhah' (from Al Ḳurḥaḥ (القرحة - al-qurhah), a word that translates as a white spot or blaze on the face of an animal.
I wanted a star name for this lovely girl, and with her extremely wide blaze and striking markings, this unusual name suited her perfectly.

Xi's litter is a repeat of a highly successful litter two years previously. Xi's mum was the 2011 MASCA National's Brood Bitch and her sire was the 2011 Nationals Stud Dog. Two of Xi's older brothers are MASCA Champions, one of these a MASCA Grand Champion at just two years. One brother was the first Miniature American Shepherd to win the 2012 Eukanuba Best of Breed; they have been phenomenally successful in the breed -show ring. These boys and their other siblings additionally have won a variety of IABAC Championships, Canine Good Citizens and Therapy Dog International certification. Certainly a multi-talented family.
As a pup Xi was temperament tested and structurally evaluated, from which she emerged as bright, busy, affectionate and outgoing, not to mention the outstanding pick of litter. She was also puppy-puzzled by Pat Hastings before she left for the UK and passed everything with flying colours.

Above and beyond the formidable technical details, Xi is a total pleasure to live with. She's fun, she's incredibly bright, she's spunky and affectionate. If she's not on guard duty around the house and monitoring the status of the postman and all delivery vans, she loves to snuggle with people. Unfortunately her favourite place to snuggle is up on your shoulder, parrot-style. This isn't always comfortable for the human underneath but it suits Xi just fine. If a shoulder is not available a pile of cushions, the arm or the back of the sofa will do as a vantage point.
Xi's greatest pleasure (apart from her food) is to be with you constantly. Whatever you're doing, Xi is alongside you making sure you're doing it right. She is a marvelous companion and a true and loyal little friend.
She is reserved around strangers, who she prefers to meet in her own good time, but good friends are expected to serve up belly-rubs at a moment's notice and be prepared in return to receive a lavish supply of doggy kisses. Outdoors Xi is an extremely efficient huntress and returns from the fields with a steady supply of small rodents, rabbits and the occasional bird. Whilst this nicely demonstrates her agility, nimbleness and speed, we'd really much prefer it if she left the wildlife in peace. We harbour serious concerns that one day she's going to turn up at the back door with a cow, or a whole herd of sheep. For this petite little lady size truly does not matter, Xi is the original quart in a pint pot who believes that limits and boundaries, mental or physical, are only for cissies.

Xi attended junior obedience classes and shows lightly in agility in Anysize, which she thoroughly enjoys.

Xi had her first litter of pups with our boy Ringo in August 2014. Her second and third litters (November 2016  and October 2017) were with our home-grown boy Kasper (Kilnhurst Capoeira.) Xi is a wonderul little mum, most attentive of her pups, she really seems to blossom when she has pups around! Click on the buttons below to visit their puppy pages.