Xi is our stunning Mini American princess from the prestigious Dynasty kennel, USA, importing in September 2012. Xi (pronounced Zee) is named after the star Xi-Cephei. This star's traditional Arabic name is 'Kurhah', translating as the blaze on the face of an animal. We wanted a star name for this lovely girl so with her wide blaze and striking markings, this unusual name suited her perfectly.
Xi's canine family has been phenomenally successful in the US show ring and have additionally collected a vast range of versatility titles. As a pup Xi was temperament tested and structurally evaluated, from which she emerged as bright, busy and outgoing, not to mention the outstanding pick of litter. She was also puppy-puzzled by Pat Hastings and passed everything with flying colours.

Xi is fun, sparky and affectionate. If she's not on guard duty around the house, monitoring the postman and delivery vans, she loves to snuggle with people. Her greatest pleasure (apart from her food) is to be by your side, making sure that whatever you're doing, you're doing it right. Xi can be reserved around strangers, who she prefers to meet in her own time, but friends are expected to serve up belly rubs and receive a lavish supply of doggy kisses in return. Outdoors Xi is an efficient huntress of wildlife. For this petite little lady size truly does not matter, Xi is the original quart in a pint pot who believes that limits and boundaries, mental or physical, simply do not apply to her.
Xi's first litter of pups was with our boy Ringo in August 2014. Her second and third litters (November 2016 and October 2017) were with our home-grown boy Kasper (Kilnhurst Capoeira.) Xi was a wonderful little mum, most attentive of her pups, she really seemed to blossom when she had pups around!

Xi Stats

Date of birth
BVA Hips (HD) 5:5
BVA Elbows (OCD) 0:0
BVA eye test cleared annually (most recent 26.08.18, 6yrs)
DNA Clear (normal) for CEA/CH, PRA, HSF4, CMR1, IGS, DM
DNA Carrier for MDR1
Tail long
Height 15.5", 39cm
Sire NAKC HOF NAMASCUSA GCH MASCA GCH Radiant Mar-A-Lagos Ready For Take Off CGC mHIC
Dam MASCA HOF CH Int CH Warrior Princess of the 3rd Dynasty