Una is our home-grown daughter of Dexter and Skye. Her KC name of Relay has a three-fold meaning, of this little lady carrying the Kilnhurst line forwards, a continuation of our brown 'Rufus' dogs and last but not least, her career as a canine athlete.
A red puppy was quite a surprise. I knew Dexter carried red but there was no way of telling that Skye did, too. Even with both parents carrying, there is still only a 1:4 chance of producing a red puppy. Una's striking deep mahogany colour is an echo of her Batavia ancestry.

Una's name reflects her unusual status as a singleton puppy. From numerous scans during her pregnancy we knew that Skye was expecting just one puppy, which we nicknamed 'Numero Uno'. The last 'o' changed to an 'a' to make it feminine when a bitch puppy appeared!
Una is a classic singleton, with all the energy and drive of an entire litter rolled into one. She is bold, bright and into everything at top speed. Her handling is incredibly responsive and pro-active and she is a very conscientious girl who gets quite deflated if she thinks she's not done something absolutely right, or has failed to please you in some way.
For my part I find working a home-grown girl to be a continual roller-coaster of emotion. I'm so proud of Una and I love having her in the ring beside me. Superficially she has her mum's style and physique but mentally she has the dedication, attitude and determination of her dad. It's the agility combination I always dreamed of.

Like mum Skye, Una is a noisy chatterbox and great fun to live with. Like her dad Dexter she isn't a great one for fuss or cuddles; much preferring to work, work, work. She has a sprinkling of 'naughty spots' around her nose and a few on her toes. As Skye's white markings are clean, these must be 'Tarna freckles' from Una's wonderful Great-Grandma Haidee (Kiriana at Tarna) which is a lovely legacy from a great old lady.

I really couldn't ask for more. Una has tremendous style, drive, panache and presence in the ring. Her first full show season - 2008 - yielded a good number of rosettes and trophies, her lowest place being her first ever one; a 7th.
In February 2009 Una gave birth to her first litter of puppies, sired by the wonderful Storm (AgCh Kapia Konquest) - seven sons and one daughter - who all went to agility homes.
Her return to the agility ring in summer 2009 was marked by a flurry of top places and ten trophies leading up to August when she gained her Bronze Agility Warrant and went G4 the week afterwards. After just five shows at G4, Una went G5 and after just three shows at G5, she went G6, the same day as she and her mum Skye both obtained their Silver Agility Warrants.

Una had one last win in G5 and a first win at G6 in July 2010 (just ahead of her appearance in the Adams Novice Derby Final) before renewing her romance with Storm. Their second litter of pups, four sons and two daughters, were born in November 2010.
Una returned to training and a limited return to showing for the 2011 season, including an appearance in the Scottish World Team Qualifiers in February. The few shows she attended in 2011 brought in a steady stream of top-five places including three wins and two second places ... finishing the season just one placing short of G7. Not bad for a little mum of 14!
In 2012 Una took up the reins of her very interrupted agility career, only to have the next two seasons scuppered by me breaking various bits of my body. In May 2014, despite all this, she finally went G7 and obtained her Gold Agility Warrant.
Agility is Una's passion, she is without a doubt at her happiest in the ring. There is no finer reward for Una than doing the next piece of equipment. Forget treats, toys, praise - bring on the agility!
Aged twelve Una has been semi-retired to Low Height in Competition for 2017. My brave and clever girl doesn't want to give up and the Lower Height has made it possible for her to contine working competitvely in the activity she enjoys the most.

We were unable to resist keeping a pup from Una and Storm's last litter and the pack has now conatins our third generation - Una's son Kenzy.

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