dunnellons man in black AW(S)  :  tuxedo  :  06.03.2012 - present

Tuxedo is our handsome, UK-bred Mini American boy from Dunnellons. It was love at first sight when I saw his newborn photographs, there was just something about him that made that instant, vital connection. Although at the time a boy pup wasn't really part of the grand plan, I just couldn't resist. Tux has been described as having great 'presence' and that is absolutely what he has, by the bucket-load.

Tuxedo is named because of his classic, smart markings. His show-stopping good looks attract attention wherever he goes and his affable and outgoing character has won him a small army of admirers. He's bold, bright and incredibly smart, learning new tricks and absorbing information as fast as you can supply it. Tux is one of life's great enthusiasts, he loves being involved in everything and anything his people might be doing; if that's 'helping' by chasing the hoover, sneaking off with the washing or hoping something falls from the worktop during the cooking. If I'm sitting at the computer, he's lying on my feet. Just perfect.
Tux is a larger than life character. He's loyal, affectionate, strongly protetctive of his people yet happy to meet and greet new friends. We love him to bits.

Our Mini Americans together form a special sub-pack and genuinely enjoy each other's company. They all get along extremely well although his best friend of all is his co-conspirator Xi. These two are constant companions and spend hours playing and getting into all sorts of mischief.

Tux competes in agility at Medium height, KC Grade 6.