KILWHISS SHOOTING STAR   :   SURI   :    01.05.2016 -  present

Little Suri is quite simply the collie of my dreams that I had lost hope of ever finding. She is the daughter of one of the few border collies currently in agility that really makes my fingers tingle and who, if truth be told, I have been plotting unsuccessfully for years to secretly abduct the moment his owner's back was turned!
I was delighted to be told that this dog had sired a litter of pups, as having his daughter would go part way towards sating my unrequited love and rescue me from a potential life of crime and dog-napping.

When I then saw the pedigree of the the dam, I was blown away. Suri's dam is directly descended from all the Canens I knew so well, many miles away on the windswept side of Snowden, including Jaffa's father, his grandfather, his aunts and uncles. Familiar names I had never imagined I would see again, walking straight off the page of the history books and bred to one of my favourite dogs in the world.

I am thrilled beyond measure to have Suri join the Kilnhurst Clan. There are so many twists of fate and coincidences surrounding her arrival I could almost pretend to myself that this litter was bred just for me! And then to be offered my pick puppy - well it seems that dreams really do come true.

Suri was born on a farm in Fife. Her registered name of Shooting Star is, as you might expect for such a special little lady, heavily laden with meaning. When Suri was just four weeks old her paternal grandfather (a simply awesome dog with tremendous presence, who I adored) died suddenly and tragically. Two days later his distraught owner found a single yellow rose washed up on the beach at her feet - a yellow rose being the ultimate symbol of love from across the Bridge. Suri's granddad had not left without saying one final goodbye.
'Shooting Star' is a variety of yellow rose which was grown by my late Great Aunt, who along with the late Shirley Bell (Canen) I am pretty sure had a helping hand from the far side in guiding my footfall towards Suri's litter in the first place. According to superstition, shooting stars represent a soul passing over which is also apt and last but not least of course, shooting stars are meteorites which evokes Keith's career in astronomy.
There are so many reasons why this name is the perfect fit for this little girl.
Suri's exceptional brain will be put to good work in Tracking and Scentwork.

In March 2019 shortly before her third birthday, Suri had a lovely litter of five pups to our homegrown boy Hitch (Kilnhurst Quick Fix.)