agility champion kapia konquest :  storm  :  05.06.1997 - 26.03.2013

I had spent several years searching for a top quality stud to compliment Dexter's Tarna lines, and following her singleton pup to Dexter, a long, long time looking for a stud dog specifically for Skye. I had literally scoured the country, watched dozens of dogs working in the agility ring and followed up on impossible numbers of pedigrees. The answer, when I eventualy tripped over it, was right under my nose.

I had known Storm since he was a youngster and had watched his rise to international stardom, from afar. Dexter and I were compatriots of Storm and his owner Stuart Carter and occasionally went head to head in the ring, although I confess it was the rival partnership with their steely nerves that usually got the better of any encounter.

One day, as the story goes, I was called at the last minute to run as reserve handler for a team of friends who were about to compete in a national final. One of the four handlers was a no-show, although all the dogs had arrived. Minutes before the competition started I was handed a tatty tennis ball and a lead with Storm attached to the other end. I had never really met Storm in person, let alone run him. "Take him over that practise jump, show him the ball and he'll follow you anywhere." Oh. Great.
I was assigned to run third of four. Waiting our turn I clung onto Storm on our start-line, churning with nerves as I watched the first two team members run clear. As Storm sailed over the first jump I got an immediate sense of just what an agility professional he was. Handling Storm was as smooth as silk slipping through your fingers. Lean forwards slightly and he applied more power. Pull the shoulders back by a hint, and on went the brakes. Twitch the shoulders to either side and Storm would swerve effortlessly in the correct direction. Superb. Photos of that historical run show me working a dog I'd barely met before, under the pressure of a very public final, grinning from ear to ear like a complete fool. A lot of fate was sealed in that one run.

Storm's pedigree explained why I found him so intuitive to run - there were distinct parallels between his and Dexter's lines. They shared one grandsire, yet whilst Dexter's pedigree went back to some formidable trials Champions, Storm's pedigree encompassed a wide range of obedience Champions, too.
Storm himself was the UK's second ever Agility Champion, gaining his Stud Book number from the Kennel Club to supercede his 'Working Sheep Dog' (unregistered) pedigree. In 2006 Storm won an individual gold medal at the 2006 IFCS World Championships. He was virtually resident at all the major finals, especially Crufts and Olympia where he featured for many years running. All this combined in a charming, affable and kindly dog. Perfect.

Skye was delighted with my choice of husband for her. For her too, it was love at first sight and the pair went on to have a lovely litter of eight.
I was subsequently privileged to be able to partner Storm with Skye's older daughter by Dexter; Una. This pairing brought us two litters of gorgeous pups, combining everything I love the most about these traditional, intuitive, driven and heart-stealing working lines.

Storm's contribution to the Kilnhurst Clan is 22 pups. They sure are an unique legacy; sharing his strong personality, his problem-solving intelligence but perhaps most of all, his wicked sense of humour.
Storm's memory lives on with Stuart in the form of two of his Kilnhurst sons.

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