Skye arrived aged 15 weeks, given to me by a family who weren't coping with the dual traumas of living with a high-drive puppy and a young toddler. I took Skye on with the intention of rehoming her but within just a few days she had made herself completely at home and that noble plan had evaporated.
She already had her pet name. Although it was granted in 1999, she was the first dog to use the 'Kilnhurst' kennel name. The Rufus bit is a prerequisite and the 'R' bit became Rajni (pronounced Rah-nee) from the ancient Sanskrit name for a princess or the wife of a Rajah.

Skye comes from working stock and posesses an incredibly strong eye and work ethic. A real little live wire and power-house, as a youngster she trained up quickly, soaking up tricks and working out how to get spoiled with alarming speed. She was extremely agile and utterly determined; if she set her mind to something she did it, if it took minutes, hours or days to achieve.
Skye is a delight to live with. The fun she gets out of living life to the full is most infectious. She is a noisy, adept 'ball-meister' and gives great, toothy grins. There's always a glint in her eye, she's a tremendous busy-body and spent her younger years forever getting into mischief.

Skye started competing in November 05 and attended two shows before giving birth to a singleton red and white daughter 'Una' (Kilnhurst Rufus Relay) in March 06. Una's dad was our Dexter (Tarna Rufus Runner.)
During 06 Skye competed at breakneck speed but only achieved that elusive clear in the last class of the last show of the season! The following season Skye had a flood of top places in agility classes including several wins where she was two seconds ahead of 2nd place.

In January 08 Skye gave birth to her second litter, a stunning collection of eight gorgeous puppies, four boys and four girls, sired by Stuart Carter's multi-winning dog Storm (AgCh Kapia Konquest.)
Skye resumed her agility career with enthusiasm and by mid 2010 had gained her Silver Agility Warrant and was working G6.

In September 2010, just two months after achieving G6, Skye suffered a ruptured spinal disc which caused partial paralysis of her back legs. Over winter 2010 - 2011 she underwent seven months of recovery and rehabilitation, love and care. Thankfully she made an astonishingly good recovery and at her explicit request, returned to the show ring during 2011. She was extremely happy to be back in competition although her nearside hindquarter power and torque were diminished, I adapted my handling to accommodate and Skye regularly ran clear and achieved a number of good places in G6Ag.

Now aged fifteen and a half, Skye is very much retired from active life. She is enjoying the comfort of the sofa and the privileges of old age.

As well as being a mum to nine of her own pups, Skye is a grandma through her daughters Una and Craze, and a great-grandma through her grandsons Celt and Hitch.

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