RED ROADIE OF KILNHURST   :   roadie   :   24.05.2004 - PRESENT

Roadie joined us in 2010, importing from Texas USA. His early travels took him across the southern States from Florida to Oklahoma and Texas, so he's certainly lived up to his name.

Roadie is a Miniature American shepherd, just 16" at the shoulders. Roadie is a little powerhouse and surprisingly agile on his feet when he takes off - although he's considerably shorter than them, he can easily hold his own against the sprinting collies, which is saying something!

The original cool little dude, Roadie is very affectionate yet quite the gentleman and a deep thinker. Like most Mini Americans he can initially be cautious around strangers, but is loyal and loving in the extreme with his family. He's incredibly patient with his puppies, playing with them for hours and letting them jump all over him and tug his ears. His favourite trick is the 'high five'. Once he'd learned that it earned him treats, he cleverly turned it round into a 'Please may I have?' and now if you open a packet of crisps (his all time favourite food group) you'll likely see Roadie high-fiving like crazy to get your attention - and a crisp. He also grins a big toothy smile in greeting and somehow snorts and snaps his teeth all in the same movement. Incredibly, when he times this just right, it sounds exactly like someone saying 'Hi'. This phenomenal party trick always blows people away when they first hear it!
Roadie is happiest when he's with us and 'helping us' by being involved in everything we do. He's our constant companion and is the dog most likely to be seen hitching a ride in the front seat of the van when we pop into town. There are few more genuine or kinder dogs in the world than Roadie, he is an absolute pleasure to live with and we love him to bits.

Roadie has been rigorously health tested (completely clear on over 30 genetic tests!) and DNA profiled. He sired three mini Aussie show Champions and a Multi-BIS Champion grandson in the USA before coming to us. Owners of his puppies all report that they inherit Roadie's super temperament and make wonderful companions. His pedigree is a good, broad balance of small 'standard' Aussie, and full mini Aussie/American, refreshingly unrelated to those commonly found in Europe.

Roadie and Jolly's three litters were born in July 2011, August 2012 and October 2013.

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