Ringo joined the Kilnhurst Clan in 2013. We were priviledged to import this lovely little lad from Dynasty Minis in Michigan USA.

Ringo is an affectionate and lovable character with an absolutely charming, even-tempered personality.  He's bright and biddable and his temperament is true 'aussie', he warms up to strangers slowly, but once you're a friend, you're a friend for ever. Ringo is a traditional 'velcro dog' whose favorite spot in life is right next to you wherever you may be and preferably snuggled in your lap; he gives the greatest cuddles. When Ringo gets excited about something he does a cute happy-dance of twirling in circles. Whilst being with people is Ringo's number one priority, he's a watchful guardian of house and home too, and posesses tremendous speed and agility when out running with the others.

Ringo lives with our daughter and son-in-law, as part of our extended pack. In March 2015 little Ringo was the ring-bearer at their wedding, stealing the show in his specially-made waistcoat, and walking up the ailse to deliver the rings during the ceremony.

Just 15.25" at the shoulders, Ringo is a proven stud dog, throwing lovely pups with good structure, bone and great coat. With his pedigree full of old original Mini lines, he is a great compliment to our Kilnhurst girls. Ringo is not roach-backed as some of these photos might imply - that's all fur!
Ringo has been thoroughly health tested since his arrival in the UK and is genetically clear on all tests. He has a reputation as a gentleman with the ladies and an 'all-business' stud dog.

In August 2014 Ringo sired his first UK litter with our girl Xi-Cephei. Click on the buttons below to visit the litter pages. June 2015 saw the arrival of two more litters by Ringo; one to our Micah (Kilnhurst Kalani) and one to Koda (Kilnhurst Carma Chameleon) of Ivormyth Miniature American Shepherds. Ringo's litter to Koda was repeated in 2016.