Reference Dogs

Kilnhurst Connections

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to be allowed to use some amazing stud dogs on our girls and to be able to have a litter from one of our home-grown girls. Here we acknowledge these dogs as part of the wider family since they have contributed fundamentally to our breeding and to the dogs we have here now.

Miniature American Shepherd

OZZY was love at first sight when I saw the photos of him as a newborn on Dynasty Minis website. Even though he was never destined to be mine (other than in my dreams) I followed his progress over the years and was beyond delighted when we were eventually allowed to use him at stud to our home grown girl, Minx (Kilnhurst Fireflash.)
Ozzy is an easy-going, kick-back, affable and handsome dog who loves nothing more than a beer, a BBQ and watching his favourite football team in action. He has sired three litters with Minx for us, born in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. Our girl Henna is a pup from the last litter.

Working Sheepdog

HITCH was the firstborn of Storm and Una's two litters. He has matured into a well-balanced, affectionate and wise dog with great presence and a powerful, athletic style.
The talented 'officer and gentleman' Hitch was a perfect complement to our stunning girl Suri (Kilwhiss Shooting Star Over Kilnhurst.) The litter was born in March 2019 and the synergy of this combination has been tremendous. All six generations of the litters' pedigree are packed full of dogs we have known, loved and worked. It was a very exciting cross indeed and they are maturing beautifully.
Hitch lived with his late dad Storm (see below) and currently his brother Mash and his sons from this litter, Hoozy and Jura.

Miniature American Shepherd

KASPER is from Roadie and Jolly's third litter and he has sired two litters with our girl Xi-Cephei (Dynasty's Starlight Of Kilnhurst) in 2016 and 2017. Kasper and Xi were a perfect match; they made a lovely couple and some super pups.
Kasper is a bright, bubbly and vivacious boy with a small, correct frame and handsome markings. He has competed successfully in agility and scentwork, earned his Herding Instinct Certificate, and achieved his KCGC Bronze and Silver in a single sitting.
There is a lot to love about Kasper and we enjoy his visits home when his human works abroad but we do wish he hadn't taught our lot it's OK to jump all the stairgates ...

Miniature American Shepherd

MICAH was the last born of Roadie and Jolly's second litter; 'The Gang of Ten'. She is her owner's heart-dog, intuitively tuned in to the Universe and those in need of reassurance and comfort. She is a registered Therapet who specialises in working with children and young adults with severe emotional and learning issues. She has a sweet, balanced and affectionate nature, kind and unflappable. Whilst off-duty she has earned her Herding Instinct Certificate and also competes successfully in agility.
She had one litter of seven with our boy Ringo (Double R Ringo Of Kilnhurst) in 2015. Since two of their sons developed epilepsy, Micah has been spayed and Ringo withdrawn from stud. We will not lift breeding endorsements on this litter.

Border Collie

STORM descended from a long line of Obedience Champions. He became the UK's second ever Agility Champion and in 2006 took individual gold at the IFCS World Championships. Throughout his career he was virtually resident at all the major UK finals, notably Crufts and Olympia. All this combined in a charming, affable and kindly dog. Perfect.
I had spent years searching for a top quality stud to compliment our girls. I had literally scoured the agility circuit, watched dozens of dogs working in the ring and researched a huge number of pedigrees. Skye (Rufus Rajni Of Kilnhurst AW-S) was delighted with my choice of husband for her and in 2008 the pair produced a lovely litter of eight.
I was subsequently privileged to be able to partner Storm with Skye's older daughter by Dexter; Una (Kilnhurst Rufus Relay AW-G). This pairing brought us two further litters of pups in 2009 and 2010, combining everything I love about these traditional, intuitive, driven and compelling working lines.
Storm's contribution to the Kilnhurst Clan was 22 pups and 27 grand-pups. They are an unique legacy; sharing his strong personality, his intelligence and of course his wicked sense of humour.