Puppy Questionnaire

puppy questionnaire

The questionnaire is intended to be the start of a great dialogue between us as breeders and you, the potential puppy owners. It certainly isn't an exam; there's no pass or fail, just honest answers.
For you, the questions are designed to help focus your thoughts on what you're really looking for in a dog.
For our part, the questions are aimed primarily at getting to know people we do not know personally. Understanding a bit more about you and your lifestyle will help us find the right puppy for you and your family. These dogs should be an integral part of the family for many years, so finding the perfect match is important.

In fact, one way to get rejected quickly is to provide brief, uninformative answers that do not tell us much about anything. All we have to base our initial yes/no response on will be your answers to these questions. This is the first step to opening what may be a lifelong communication. We think an hour or so of your time is a wise investment when viewed against fifteen years or so of a dog's life.

To submit your application simply cut and paste the text below into an email, with your answers in between.

Start off with:  Your name, address and phone number.

1.  How did your hear about 'Kilnhurst'? (word of mouth, personal recommendation, internet search ...)

2.  Describe your current household. (People and animals, ages, gender, breed.)

3.  Describe your typical day (including your work schedule,)
your lifestyle, your home and garden, and how a puppy's needs will be met.

4.  What dogs have you owned previously?
If you've owned dogs before, why not go back to that breeder for a puppy?

5.  What attracts you to this breed in particular? 
If you're applying for a Mini American, have you met one (or a Mini Aussie) for real?

6.  Who do you currently train with (or plan to train with) and in what discipline?
What are your training goals?

7.  What would happen if this puppy developed physical or behavioural problems
that prevented them from meeting your goals?

8.  What type of food do you feed (or are planning on feeding) and why?
Have you raised a happy, healthy puppy on this diet?
Are you willing to follow our recommendations on diet?

9.  What vaccination protocol would your puppy be required to undergo?
Have you ever experienced any health issues as a result of this regime?

10.  All our puppies are sold with their registration papers - in all registries - endorsed against breeding. You will be expected to spay or neuter your pup at maturity,
i.e. a bitch after her first season or a dog after his first birthday, but not before.
Would this requirement, or the timing of it, be an issue to you?

11.  Do you have a preference for a boy or a girl? Do you have a colour preference?
Whilst of course we accommodate your preferences where possible, are you willing
to consider our advice on the most suitable puppy for your household and lifestyle,
even if that conflicts with your ideal?

(A note to the wise : everybody wants a blue merle girl. EVERYBODY.
In reality they are few and far between. Please ... think outside the box a little)

12.  What do you expect from us as your puppy's breeder?
Are you willing to stay in close contact, openly discuss any training or health issues that may arise, share with us the results of all health tests and agree absolutely
to give us right of first refusal
should you ever be unable/unwilling to keep the dog?

13.  If we ask for references from your veterinarian, trainer, and/or two personal friends,
will you be willing to provide them?

14.  We have a rigorous sales contract - for the protection of you, us, and above all, the dog.

The key points include your guarantee to keep the dog in good condition, to train it and to treat it fairly. You sign to declare that you understand that the dog will not be bred from, and that you offer us the unconditional right of first refusal if you are unable to keep the dog at any point in it's life.

We have thought the terms and conditions through very carefully
and are prepared to stick by what it says.

Will complying with any of these conditions be a problem to you?

15.  Are you currently on, or do you plan to apply to be on, any other breeder's waiting lists?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, and for your interest in a Kilnhurst puppy!