Planned Litters

Please remember that plans are just that - plans - and are subject to change!

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Summer  2018
a litter from
Minx,  Kilnhurst Fireflash    ~ & ~   Ozzy,  Dynasty's Ozzy Over the Mountain

This will be a repeat breeding of the simply stunning litter that arrived in March 2017.
This is a quality MAS breeding in every sense of the word.
We expect all colours of pups - black tris, blue merle tri's, red tri's and red merle tri's.
Click on the button below to see the previous litter.

The waiting list for this litter is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

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Autumn  2018
YES! After a seven year break, the long-awaited return of 'Kilnhurst Collies'

a litter from
Kilwhiss Shooting Star Over Kilnhurst    ~ & ~   TBC

We are considering breeding our simply gorgeous BC girl Suri next season. She has a solid, broad-based, traditional pedigree. As an individual she is beautiful, loving, kind, fun, scarily intelligent,
biddable and has a physique and athletic ability to roll over and die for.
Watching her run free over the fields is food for the soul; sheer poetry in motion.
As you would expect from a Kilnhurst, Suri is fully health tested. She carries the red (chocolate) gene.

The search is almost complete for the stud dog that will equal and of course preferably enhance,
all of Suri's amazing qualities. Very exciting stuff indeed, this has been a long time in the planning!

If you are interested in a Kilnhurst pup from one of our future litters
please introduce yourself via email with a completed Questionnaire.
The Questionnaire is linked off the Applications page, which we recommend you read first.