Photos and Brags

Kilnhursts are bred with health, temperament, versatility and conformation as benchmarks.
Both Collies and mini Americans are by definition working breeds - from the Herding and Pastoral groups.
They need a job to do; whether that is training for a particular canine sport, an assistance or therapy dog, or involved in family life as an active companion. Pick a hobby, and these dogs will be right there with you!

Whatever they get up to, we are enormously proud of our fur-kids and we love to receive photos and updates.
Here are just a few memorable moments from the 'Clan'.

dog agility


A few of the many agility awards belonging to Kilnhurst Kwala Kim AW(G) (KC G7)

Kilnhurst Kuomboka and Kilnhurst Code Red with their first rosettes and trophy at AKC

Kilnhurst Crackerjack (left) and Kilnhurst Kanga Roo (right) with their first agility rosettes

              Kilnhurst Catch A Dream with some of
his early wins

Kilnhurst Kinetic's first G2 jumping win
Kilnhurst Copper's first agility rosette (left)              and 2nd place in G2 jumping

Kilnhurst Cooper moves up a grade after a very successful show

Kilnhurst Cleudo (KC G6) after her first major show (left) and some wins from her first season

Kilnhurst Candi at Wildcap after a successful UKA weekend

Kilnhurst Cariad moves into Senior UKA

Canen Kai (NL) with his first agility trophy

Kilnhurst Cruze wins into G6

Kilnhurst Keep It Simple's first rosettes from UKA

Kilnhurst Kinetic moves up a KC grade or two

Kilnhurst Catch A Dream at the 2013 UKA Grand Finals

Kilnhurst Cooper at the 2015 UKA Grand Finals

Kilnhurst Cariad at the 2015 UKA Grand Finals

Kilnhurst Cascata books her ticket to the UKA Grand Finals 2016

A very proud Kilnhurst moment when two pairs come 1st and 2nd in the same Class

Kilnhurst Rufus Relay & her son Kilnhurst Catch A Dream come 1st, winning a memorial trophy
Kilnhurst Cruze & his brother Kilnhurst Clever Charmer come 2nd

A few of our own agility wins, over the years

Skye's first agility season

Jaffa wins into G6

Skye (with her friends Monza, Jake and Levi) in the 'Midsomer Madness' team, 2009
Winners of the Pedigree Chum Team heat at Wye Valley DTC (above)
and at the Pedigree Chum Team Finals at Stoneleigh (below)

Dexter and Fly winning the Eukanuba Mini Maxi Pairs Challenge in 2002

kennel club canine good citizen scheme

Kilnhurst Kinetic (above and below left)   in the centre of the KCGC Silver display team at Crufts 2013

Kilnhurst Kinetic KCGC Gold
  A young Kilnhurst Carma Chameleon in
  the KCGC Puppy display team at Crufts 2013

            Kilnhurst Combustion   KCGC Gold
  Kilnhurst Catch A Dream   KCGC Gold

Kilnhurst Cascata   KCGC Gold        Kilnhurst Cappuccino   KCGC Gold

Kilnhurst Carma Chameleon   KCGC Gold
       Kilnhurst Cariad    KCGC Gold

Ivorred Master Card KCGC-B,   Kilnhurst Fireflash KCGC-S,      Dunnellons Man In Black AW(S) KCKC-B

Kilnhurst Culprit  KCGC  Silver

  Kilnhurst King O'Th Road   KCGC Bronze        Kilnhurst Cadhla   KCGC Bronze

Kilnhurst Sui Dynasty   KCGC Bronze
at just 20 weeks of age
(Now KCGC Silver)
   Kilnhurst Kui Kaya   KCGC Silver

Kilnhurst Carma Chameleon (far right) in the KCGC Gold Display team, Crufts main arena 2016


A British first! Kilnhurst Cariad becomes the first MAS in the UK with a Rally-O title
as she gains her RL1, and points in RL2

A short while later she goes on to score an 'Excellent' at RL3


Hoopers was a comparatively new sport to the UK during the 2018 season. Kilnhursts lost no time at all getting stuck in to this new challenge.

Kilnhurst Qin Dynasty gains
his Bronze Good Hoopers award

Kilnhurst Copper with two wins
in her first Veterans classes


Canen Diamonds for Jody (KC G5)
has been one of the UK's top BFA flyball dogs since 2009
with many appearances at Crufts

Jody (centre) and flyball team mates on
'Ant & Dec's Saturday Live', December 2012
Jody in the BFA team of the year 2012

Kilnhurst Cascata FDI  -  'Flyball Dog Intermediate' after just four shows


Kilnhurst Fireflash earning her Herding Instinct Certificate.

Her full siblings K. Capoeira, K. Kalani, K. Clever Charmer, K. King of Hearts and K. Kanzi
all earned their HIC on the same day.

Kilnhurst Kinetic (above)     and Kilnhurst Cruze (below)   on sheep

puppy classes & family fun

Kilnhurst Catch A Dream, Kilnhurst Cascata and Kilnhurst Cappuccino all graduate from puppy school

Kilnhurst Capoeira, Kilnhurst Clever Charmer & Kilnhurst Fireflash graduate from Puppy School together.

Kilnhurst Cruze 'Most Handsome Dog', fun show
Kilnhurst Corvette wins the agility class
at a local fun show

Kilhurst Cabernet after a busy day at her first Fun Show:
3rd in Cutest Puppy,
1st with her mum in 'Best Six Legs'
and Reserve Best in Show!