KILNHURST KALANI     :     MICAH     :      19.08.2012 -  present

Micah is our beautiful girl from Jolly and Roadie's second litter. I was keen to keep these unusual lines available for our future breeding, so Micah was co-owned until she had her first litter.

Micah lives locally with a wonderful family, her big brother Wizard (Roadie/Jolly 2011) younger brother Keir (Roadie/Jolly 2013) her little brother Yonah (Ringo/Xi-Cephei 2014) and her daughter Tia (Ringo/Micah 2015). All the dogs are a central part of this busy, active household. Most dog-days involve long country walks, love, cuddles, a great raw diet and usually training of some sort; a perfect MAS home! In fact this is such a super home for these lucky dogs that I am giving some serious thought to upping sticks and moving in, too.

Micah's name (pronounced Mee-ka) is from the Hebrew  מִיכָה    and means 'Who is like God.' Her registered name of 'Kalani' is Hawiian in origin and means 'heavenly', or 'of the sky.' I think you'll agree from her photos, that Micah lives up to both of these names! She is the family's heart-dog, intuitively tuned in to who might be coerced into providing a game or sometimes who might need that extra dose of quiet love and kisses.

Micah has a truly sweet, well-balanced and affectionate character. She's extremely bright and very quick to learn things, yet delightfully laid back and remarkably unflappable. Stunning looks, rock-solid temperament and sharp brains - basically this little lady has got it all, in spades. When not competing in Agility, Micah is also a registered Therapet who works in local hospitals and care homes visiting people with emotional, social and learning difficulties. Such is her exceptional talent for this difficult work and her capacity to adapt and respond to the natures and characters of everyone she meets, Micah has been recruited by NHS Scotland to assist in therapy and counselling sessions for people with extreme dog phobias. There surely can't be a greater testament to a superb temperament, than this.

Micah had her first litter of puppies on 16th June 2015, with our boy Ringo.