We are excited and privileged to welcome the puppies of Ringo and Xi - both parents being imported from the prestigious Dynasty kennel in the USA. It was a lengthy process to bring these two lovely dogs to the UK and we are grateful to Kim and Fran at Dynasty Minis for allowing them both to join us over here and become a part of our family.
Ringo is one of the most loving and handsome dogs you could wish to meet and Xi is my beautiful Princess!
Xi's brothers and nephews have been storming the AKC show circuit in America, being amongst the first MAS to attain AKC multi-Championship titles in conformation. Royalty indeed. Both dogs are outgoing and friendly MAS; we can't wait to see what their pups achieve in all venues.

Ringo and Xi's eagerly awaited litter arrived safely and swiftly on 27th August 2014. Because this litter must use the affix Dynasty in their registered names, we have gone with the theme of ancient Chinese dynasties for these pups.
 Five stunning bundles of fur, four boys and one girl:

Meg    (Kilnhurst Sui Dynasty)
  Cassius   (Kilnhurst Jin Dynasty)
Qin   (Kilnhurst Qin Dynasty)
Yonah    (Kilnhurst Dali Dynasty)
&  Kashti    (Kilnhurst Han Dynasty)

the grandparents:

WEDNESDAY 27TH AUGUST 2014 :  Birthday!

 (dynasty: 581-618 AD)
17:46      black tri girl
a sweet girl with a three-quarter collar
and lots of copper trim
(dynasty: 1115 - 1234 AD)
largest of the pups, a handsome black tri boy with a big white ruff

(dynasty: 221 - 206 BC)
wow - what a lovely merle boy. Tons of copper yet to come through.

(Kingdom of Dali: 937 - 1253 AD)

a complete 'mini-me' of his mum, a strong merle with lashings of copper

(dynasty: 206 BC - 220 AD)
one super, striking black tri boy with the sweetest face

The babies have arrived! Five beautiful puppies, four boys and one girl. Xi caught us on the hop with this litter as they weren't expected for another couple of days. A thorough deep-clean of the 'maternity suite' (otherwise known as the downstairs spare bathroom!) and a quick assembly of the whelping box, and we were good to go. This was one of our first daytime litters. The girls usually wait until last thing at night to have their first puppy but Xi was as good as gold and occupied the mid-afternoon slot. Five pups delivered in a swift but busy 1.5hours - another Kilnhurst record!
Xi not only handled the whelping extremely well, but is being a wonderful mum and most attentive to her youngsters. They're all putting on weight and making those wonderful burbling puppy sounds. Brilliant.
This is our smallest litter to date at Kilnhurst, dare we hope for a relatively 'easy' time?
All these pups are beautifully marked and the depth of copper is striking already. The black tris are classically marked and the two blue merle boys are most distinctive. It's always at this stage that you start harbouring crazy and totally impractical schemes to keep them all ...


Sweet Sui is a dream puppy, happy, easy-going and up for a snuggle

The lovely Jin is a super, even character
and going to be a striking lad
Qin is a tubster, mostly found surfing
the milk-bar or using Dali as a pillow

Big on looks and big on character,
tiny Dali is on his way to stardom

Handsome Han is a real love-bug
who enjoys attention and cuddles

Well here are the gang of five for the first weekly photoshoot. I still want to keep them all. What a truly super set of pups, each one of them beautifully marked in their own unique way. Tons of copper coming through all over the place and a peppering of pigment on the noses.
The pups which had them, had their rear dew claws removed this week but they sailed through that experience and didn't miss a beat. They're feeding like crazy and gaining weight at an unprecedented rate, they're all pear shaped with such plump bellies. They can make a heck of a noise too, with Dali usually leading the choir.

These babies are all reserved. When the first photos of Dali appeared there was almost fighting in the street over him, but the more experienced Kilnhurst-watchers will know that pups are placed by a variety of criteria with character foremost and we need at least another week to confirm our suspicions about which pup would be best suited to which waiting home. The first of the puppy visits is scheduled soon. Eeek - better clear the house up, then!


working the camera like a pro,
Miss Sui has got it and she knows it

This chubby is just so smooshable,
what a lovely boy
Somebody in the puppy box managed
a first howl. I'm not pointing fingers
but I have my suspicions ...

... and somebody else in the puppy box managed a first bark. Could it have been
Mr Noisy-pants himself?

Such a sweet, affable boy but he doesn't
seem to like the camera much!

OOOOPS! Three days late ... the latest I think I've ever been with a pupdate. It's been an unusually busy week, that's my excuse. That, and by the time I've got the photos up on FaceBook a part of my puppy-mushed brain thinks I've put them on here, too.
As you can see we have all eyes open this week and as always this makes such a big difference to their faces. They now watch Xi and I as we move around the room and they are starting to climb over each other and chew each other's paws, ears and noses. Very cute. They're starting to do the wobbly-walk too but they've hampered themselves somewhat by being such tubbos that they've got to expend a lot of energy in hauling those bellies around.
I'm genuinely pleased with this lovely litter, they're a smashing group of pups and Xi is being a super little mom. I'm looking forward to next week (and I guess Xi is, too) when the pups start the weaning process and move into their big pen in the kitchen to take up their place in the heart of the human and canine household.
Being with these pups 24/7 I've had the time to get a feel for their characters, which are coming through loud and clear (literally very loud in some cases!) These pups have all been reserved now for specific homes and families, so the countdown for each family to bring their new pup home can really begin.


Girl Power, Sui-style

Mr Jin has a whole world of love to give
The choirmaster

Outgoing, sociable and into everything
We caught a couple pf photos of Han before he toddled off-stage

Well another week has flown by but at least this time I'm only a day late with the pupdate. Which although I say it myself, is pretty good going considering we have a house full of builders, plumbers, electricians and roofers while we have the central heating system and boiler refitted.
The pups are growing at an amazing rate, they're right little fatties! They can see and hear properly now and are very mobile around the box, playing with each other and starting to take an interest in their toys and surroundings. They'll be out in the bigger puppy pen just as soon as the kitchen is cleared from all the noise and chaos. Weaning will also start in the next couple of days, Xi has done a fabulous job on her own so far but it's time to move on; then we'll be replacing the mess and dust from the builders with mess and stickyness of puppy food ...


Miss Sui is growing into an affectionate
and bright little busy-body

Mr Jin has his new name and he's certainly
a heavy-weight in the love department
Blue-eyed Mr Qin is keeping his nest name. He's a bold, outgoing lad with a sense of adventure

Mr Dali's new name is a variation on 'Jonah'. It's unusual and suits this stunning
blue-eyed boy perfectly
Hooray - a good picture of Handsome Han, at long last. This sweet, cuddly boy is
a real gem

Here they are on their 4-week birthday. We had fun this week and in a radical departure from the usual (boring) white, posed these little Mini Americans on some patriotic flag vetbed. Some of the pups have their new names, so they've been used here.

All the pups are enjoying their meals and eating well. Xi seems to be quite relieved at this turn of events, as keeping up with these greedy pups was a bit of a herculean task. The pups are now eating milky breakfasts and meaty lunches and dinners, with Xi supplementing the feeds inbetween times.
Now the building chaos in the kitchen has mostly subsided the pups have been transferred to their big pen in the kitchen where they can join in with the household and be involved in everything that's going on.
Individually they've been out for supervised playtimes with the Big Dogs. Needless to say Mother-Earth Jolly has been busy baby-sitting, but Minx has joined in too and played very gently with the pups, which is lovely to see.


Our sweet little girl gives the camera a very old-fashioned look

He floats like a butterfly ...
and loves everybody
Mr Blue-eyes is packed full
of noise and personality

Mr Busy himelf, this was the only good
shot we got of the little wriggle-bum
Yeay - second week running and a
rare, nice photo of Handsome Han

OK, it has been brought very sharply to my attention that I am four days late in the pupdate! Such are the perils of posting photos on FaceBook and thinking the whole job was done, being busy and then forgetting to update the main website ... Now I am duly chastised, so here they are.

The Gang of Five have had a great week with visitors from far and wide calling in to see them. They're a great bunch of active, plump and happy puppies who love to play and be cuddled. They're eating for king and country, consuming milky breakfasts, meaty lunches and entire dinners at a great rate.

They have thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing with the impromptu 'gym' in their play pen, set up to encourage sensory stimulation and exploration. A whole load of fun, noisy and moving items have been strung across the pen, which they get engrossed with smacking and trying to chew. Another great favourite is a rigid play tunnel (originally for rabbits!) which has been suspended on a strong bungee, offering them a moving surface to walk on which not only moves up and down but spins as well. It's fun to chase each other through but also a very handy 'hammock' to sleep in, as they all demonstrated the other day!


Miss Meg is already a total pro at
working the camera. She's a loving girl
who enjoys company and being part
of the action

Cass is a gorgeous teddy-bear who
charms everyone he meets. He's a lovely, bold, affectionate character with
classical good looks
For the first time ever, our super-star
Qin was far too busy to sit still for the camera, he was going places instead

Mr Personality, Yonah is always in the
thick of the action and knows exactly how
to demand attention and cuddles

Sweet, handsome Han is turning into a Mini-Me of dad Ringo, right down to
the naughty spots. Han is utterly
adorable and great fun

Not too bad, though I say it myself - only two days late with the pupdate this week! Maybe it's something to do with them being born on a Wednesday, as Wednesdays are always such a packed day of the week. The photos get taken on time but the write-ups seem to take a little longer.

The last set of puppy visitors have been here this week so once again the puppies have received loads of attention, interaction and socialisation. This week they were also subject to their first bath (that didn't go down at all  well, I'm surprised you didn't all hear the yelling and complaining that went on) a pedicure and a general weighing and worming session. Poor puppies! Still, they used the opportunity to exercise their vocal cords which I am able to report are working just fine.

The pups are now being socialised in ones and twos with the big dogs. The MAS girls are in their absolute element and have gone into massed mothering-mode, Tebo is beside himself at having so many new friends to play with, even though the pups are already heavier than he is. The collies aren't so convinced this new development is such a good idea, and tend to make themselves scarce. It's important for the pups to meet the older dogs, to help them understand their social status and to build early canine social skills within the security of an experienced and mature pack.

Next week the pups will be having their vet visits for final check-ups and microchips, in preparation for leaving for their new homes the week after that. How on earth has the time gone so fast?


You couldn't wish for a more affectionate
or attentive baby than sweetheart Meg.

Cass continues to love and
charm absolutely everybody.
Bright, clever and fluffy, Qin is great company and huge fun to have around.

The ring leader and instigator of much of the fun, outrage and noise in this litter,
it's going to be quiet without this boy

Possibly the most loving pup in the world. Han is always ready for a snuggle and some people-time

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - LATE again! What has happened with this litter - nothing internet-wise seems to get done on time. Here are/were the pups at week 7. What an issue we had, taking these shots! Nobody would sit still for a millisecond and it turned into a game of catch. Which is lovely of course, except when you want to take photos.

This week the pups have been piling on the social experiences. Lots of visitors to the house, lots of people to cuddle them and play games. A trip down to the local village hall for their Volhard tests and to meet yet more people. vets and vet nurses dropping in for vet-checks and microchipping. The pups have been real socialites this week and have revelled in every minute of it. They're an extremely outgoing bunch who love everyone and everything, showering people in kisses and wriggly cuddles.

The first of the pups - the ones who are staying in Scotland - leave home this coming weekend. How empty it is going to seem without them, and of course that means that this line-up is the last of the weekly photoshoots.  The rest of the gang leave for their homes in the south during the following week, when I take an extended road trip to see family, friends and agility training colleagues. It will be very sad indeed to see these guys go, they've been a most fabby bunch. Which of course makes me all the more excited to see what happens in the puppy department in the next 12 months or so. Stay tuned for our future plans!