Jolly and Roadie's third and final litter arrived safely on the evening of Saturday 5th October 2013. Another multicoloured litter to complete their large family.
Jolly had a very healthy pregnancy and a straightforward and (for her) swift whelping. She is now once again revelling in being a mum and is doting on, fussing over and snuggling into her latest brood. She truly is a most amazing mom. Roadie celebrated the arrival of his latest batch of kids with a large dried tripe stick in place of a cigar!
Jolly will now be retired from breeding, possibly passing that baton to a selected couple of her daughters. She'll resume her very interrupted agility career in 2014.

Jolly and Roadie's third litter comprises three boys and three girls, just the same as their first litter. This litter has a fun 'dance' theme, with all their nest names being traditional dances from around the world.

Keir  (Kilnhurst Clever Charmer)
Minx  (Kilnhurst Fireflash)
Merlot  (Kilnhurst Cabernet)
Kasper (Kilnhurst Capoeira)
Sassy (Kilnhurst Cognac)
&  Chip  (Kilnhurst King Of Hearts)


SATURDAY 5th OCTOber 2013 :  Birthday!

(Slavic dance)
19:26     blue merle / tri boy
Striking lad with a full white collar
and a tan and black front leg!

(Caribbean dance)
20:11      red tri girl
a sweet red girl with a half white collar
and lots of copper trim
(Indian dance)
20:43     blue merle / tri girl
a very pretty girl with a full white collar
and an eye patch!

(Russian dance)
21:39      black tri boy
a classicly marked black tri boy with a small collar spot. Lots of copper there waiting to come through.
(Phillippeno dance of love)
21:58      red tri girl
a red tri girl with two cute collar spots
and a big white sock on the front left leg

(a modern Jive dance)
22:14      black tri boy
a good looking boy with short socks
and no white collar.
He's going to have lots of copper trim.

Here are the babies on their first photo-call on day two. A super litter of contented, burbling pups. As with their older siblings, the blue merles are going to be most stunning-looking adults - Jolly and Roadie certainly do specialise in amazing blue merles! The solid-coloured pups continue Jolly's theme of minimal white but lots of copper. Lovely, lovely!

week one

Sunglasses at the ready please,
this lovely boy is going to dazzle!

Little Miss Noisy likes to be in the
middle of the action and
complains loudly when she isn't.
A sweet girl with an even temperament
who enjoys a cuddle

Adorable Coss is now the same size
as 'big' brother Ceroc. He's calm,
affable and cuddly
Another little songstress with a great
can-do attitude and a busy personality
The copper is coming through already on handsome Ceroc. This flashy boy is an
active pup who enjoys contact.

A really lovely, energetic, fun litter who are all doing well, gaining weight and have been growing like weeds all week. Jolly is keeping the pups immaculately clean and lavishes attention on them, one day she's going to wear that tongue of hers right out.
We caught them for their photo session during a rare nap.

week TWO

A super chunky-hunky, Kolo loves to be held and talked to. What a lovely boy.

Somebody did NOT want her photo taken
this week, thank you - and let everybody know all about it

With her unusual markings, this pretty girl
is a Miss you won't miss. She's very much
the largest of the girls and a real sweetheart.

Look who's up and about!
Little Coss loves attention and cuddles,
he's such a happy chappy.
Carrie isn't far behind Coss in the Up-&-About stakes. Like Calypso she's a very active
girl with great determination.

This lovely, handsome boy is motoring around the nest box and starting to explore his surroundings.

As you can see, we have some eyes opening! First up for this litter was little Coss, followed hot on his heels by Miss Carrie. It's always difficult to take nice photos of the puppies at this stage, as their slits for eyes are not especially flattering and their faces seem to change shape so much once the eyes are open properly.
As soon as they can see roughly where they're going, whole new horizons and opportunities present themselves and the puppies try walking. They're all doing the 'wobbly-walk' this week, learning how to use their legs properly for a few paces before falling over again. So darned cute. Not that you can tell this from the photos because as soon at the camera comes out, the puppies pancake themselves. The only one brave enough to sit for the camera was Coss, who delivered a very cute photo call and made himself look almost as adorable as he actually is.

week THREE







More pancake puppies! Well the photos appeared on time for which I have to thank Keith, as I was away south for five days and completely missed the photo-call. Keith however drew the line at adding the commentary, insisting that photos would have to suffice, so the words to accompany the photos didn't make it in such a timely fashion!
In my absence the pups had a very busy week. With eyes now well open and with them starting to take an interest in everything that's going on around them, the pups were moved from their nest box in the seclusion of a downstairs bathroom (sounds a bit odd, but it makes a great maternity unit!) and into the big puppy pen in the kitchen. There isn't much room for the humans in the kitchen by the time the puppy pen fills it, so we do a sideways shuffle to get to the cupboards, oven, fridge and so on. The puppies have a great time with all the new space and the humans end up walking sideways around them like crabs.
Week three always heralds the arrival of some sparkly new, ultra-sharp little teeth with armour-piercing properties. Time to start weaning the pups and give poor Jolly's undercarriage some relief. The pups enjoyed their milky rusks, although the first few attempts inevitably resulted in them wearing more than they ate.

week FOUR

Such a super, chunky snuggle-bum,
this boy is going to make a great
companion and future agility star

This bright, quick little Miss is a real personality. Whatever her field of
 endeavour, in the right hands this girl
will go to the top.

A loving, sweet people-person, pretty Miss M is a delight and will make a wonderful family companion. She may one day turn her paw to a spot of agility or flyball.

Little Coss is headed for an agility home, where he is sure to charm his way around
the courses!
Miss Sassy will also be trained for agility
but her main focus will be to love her
new family and their two little girls.

Handsome Mr Chip is heading for a farm
and stables where he'll be able to watch
the yard and supervise the riding lessons.

We're not entirely sure where the time is going with this litter, but it's certainly flying by too fast. Here are the Gang of Six for their four-week portraits. They're now well and truly airborne; up and about, playing, rolling around with each other, chewing each other, investigating toys, barking, singing and generally having a riot.
They have eaten well with their milky rusks for breakfast and the feeds have now been supplemented with meals of raw meat and veggies. Needless to say the meaty meals have gone down a storm. It's so sweet to watch the pupies tuck into their dinners and enjoy it so much that some of them shake with excitement! One or two pups (who had probably better remain nameless,) still think that optimal feeding efficiency can be achieved by shovelling food into the mouth, whilst simultaneously shoving a paw into the food to help with diffusion. One cheeky character even tried sitting in the dinner, to see if that helped absorb more food even faster. It didn't, but it did successfully prevent the siblings from eating that particular portion.
The pups spent their 4th weekend meeting and greeting their new families. It's been an exciting, busy couple of days; it's a very special moment indeed when each new connection is made and a bond is forged. Some of the pups are sporting their new names in the photos!

week 5

Kilnhurst Clever Charmer
Keir is staying in the Scottish Borders

Kilnhurst Fireflash
Minx is staying in the Kilnhurst Clan
Kilnhurst Cabernet
Merlot is heading for Glasgow

Kilnhurst Capoeira
Kasper is heading for Edinburgh

Kilnhurst Cognac
Sassy is heading for Manchester
Kilnhurst King Of Hearts
Chip is heading for Yorkshire

Another busy week of growing, playing and meeting guests. The pups are now truly up and about; looking and acting increasingly like little dogs. They play rough and tumble with each other and the play can get pretty merciless sometimes! They're stowing away milky rusks for breakfast and meaty dinners for lunch and tea. Jolly is a very patient mom, cleaning and caring for them and then letting them climb all over her, chew her ears and feet and then fall asleep on top of her. What a saint.
This week Keir, Kasper and Chip were all seen playing an unbelievably cute game of football, whilst the girls have turned their attention to customising the puppy pee-mats and converting them to confetti.
Auntie Xi has been very keen to play with the pups and has been prodding some willing victims through the bars of the puppy pen. One by one they have been brought out to meet the Big Dogs, unfortunately Xi is so used to playing hard with Tux that her first attempts to play with the puppies resulted in flattened pups. The pups didn't mind at all but we were a bit cautious - playtime with Auntie Xi will have to wait another week or so.

week 6






Several visitors this week have made the same comment; 'They're not puppies any more, they're little dogs!' Well of course they ~are~ still puppies, but you must admit the change in them this week is most noticeable. This is a most active, confident and outgoing litter and they're all truly lovable little characters. The entire litter are extremely bright, affectionate and extremely quick to learn. They're also rather noisy; boy can they sing. Their six-part harmony when they all decide to howl, is horrible! We've had individual singers in previous litters but we haven't had an entire choir before.
The pups are coming out to play with the Big Dogs now, usually in pairs or threes. Three crazy, fast-moving puppies is as much as you can guarantee to keep an eye on at any one time. They're enjoying their new-found freedom, stealing the Big Dog toys, hiding under the dining table, tweaking Big tails and charging through their play tunnel. It's quite tiring just watching them. The milky breakfasts are still going down well, as are three separate dinners of meat and veg a day. They're a hungry bunch but they're probably burning up all that food, charging round the house.

week 7

a great people-person, a happy all-rounder and an enthisiastic game-player. This striking lad will be cutting a dash with his daddy on the agility circuit.

bold, bright and pretty much unstoppable, firing on all cylinders and all buttons jammed on overdrive. Miss Minx will be staying here where we can keep an eye on her antics.

sweet Miss Merlot loves to be cuddled and held and is a very positive people-person. She's happy, playful and inquisitive, a great companion and family friend.

we ain't afraid of no ghost!
Tiny Kasper is one of the smallest puppies we've ever had. He's a true heart-stealer and so easy to adore. Always happy, always busy and with a huge fan-club already!
Stand clear, agility!

there's obviously something about red-heads; Miss Sassy lives up to her name! She's a bold character who enjoys playing with her brothers and is often the first to investigate new toys and people.
heart-stealer #2! Chip is so easy to cuddle. He loves being with people above all else and is a great friend and companion.
No idea why he's looking so guilty in this photo, as he rarely puts a paw wrong, he's a real dreamboat.

Well here they are, and we can hardly believe that this is their last photoshoot. Time has gone so, so quickly with this litter. OK it's gone fast for us - the eager puppy-people assure us on a daily basis that it hasn't gone at all quickly for them! This has certainly been a lovely litter to have around, we've really enjoyed them being here and we're very fond of them all. Next week is going to be an awful wrench.
It has, as seems to be the norm, a busy week for the puppies. They have had a couple of baths, pedicures, photoshoots and most importantly, their Volhard PAT tests. For the Volhard tests I hired the village hall and co-erced some great people into assisting. It also meant the pups taking their first ride in the van and of course experiencing a whole new environment and some pretty chilly weather. They all did so well and I was very proud of them, to the point where I had to frisk the testers upon departure, they fell so in love with the pups. On the food front the pups are eating like vacuum cleaners and this week in addition to a full range of dinners they have experienced corners of toast (- well, it had to be done,) huge meaty beef bones, chicken drumsticks and dried tripe sticks. Happy puppies!

week 8

went home with George and family
and older siblings Wizard & Micah

stayed here in the Kilnhurst Clan

went home with Karen and family

went home with Ayshea

went home with Leanne and family
went home with Hana

After a very busy weekend of visits, the pups have now gone to their new homes. This is always a most bittersweet moment for us, although the sting has been taken out of the situation somewhat this time by us keeping Minx. The puppy pen and all the paraphenalia has been washed and put away again and the house returns to as normal routine as you can achieve with a very energetic, naughty puppy charging around. Jolly is genuinely pleased to have a baby to herself and I suspect will be cleaning Minx and keeping her in order for some considerable time to come.
This has been a most enjoyable litter to have around, with some really super little characters in it. As always a little piece of our hearts go with them as they start their new lives and new adventures. Adieu, puppies.