We were very pleased with Roadie and Jolly's first litter both in terms of structure and temperament, so were happy for the 'marriage vows' to be renewed one year later.
As the pregnancy progressed Jolly became very plump but it was generally assumed that was just the 'baby waistline' kicking in. Not so. This time around Jolly had an easy and straightforward whelping, but it just went on and on ... until she presented us with ten bouncing babies. No wonder she'd looked so well padded towards the end!
Jolly successfully raised this large brood and revelled in being such a busy mum. As before the pups have gone to a mixture of versatility and active pet homes, and we are enjoying keeping in touch with each one.

Roadie and Jolly's second litter arrived safely on 19th August 2012, a tribe of ten gorgeous pups, five boys and five girls:

Koda    (Kilnhurst Carma Chameleon)
Toby    (Kilnhurst Kuro)
Kanzi    (Kilnhurst Kanzi)
Rafiki    (Kilnhurst Kijani)
Scout    (Kilnhurst Cub)
Chase    (Kilnhurst Castlenock)
Colin     (Kilnhurst King Colin)
Tikka    (Kilnhurst Cariad)
Kismet   (Kilnhurst Kismet)
Micah    (Kilnhurst Kalani)


Sunday 19th AUGUST 2012 :  Birthday!

12:05pm      red merle/tri girl
This young lady hasn't stopped voicing
her opinion since she arrived

13:09            black tri boy
This sweet pup is going to look so like mum
when his copper comes in
15:02              black tri boy
Very flash, very handsome, very 'dapper'!

15:59            red tri boy
He's small, he's red and he's a
busy little bee

16:28         red merle/tri girl
a very pretty 'repeat' of her daddy's
lovely coffee colours
18:48             red tri girl
Pretty enough for a modelling career,
we reckon!

17:55         blue merle/tri boy
What a stunning lad this small boy is
set to be with such lovely merle markings

16:50               red tri girl
Tiny but perfect, Chase is sure to
steal someone's heart one day
19:00       black tri boy
very little white but lots of copper and
a special love-heart marked on his chest

20:31    blue merle/tri girl
This picture-perfect girl has us wondering if Jolly saved the best for last?

Jolly and Roadie have their second set of babies! Right on schedule, another long labour which this time resulted in ten beautiful pups, five boys and five girls. Once again this is a rainbow litter, very evenly marked and following Jolly's theme of minimal white. The merles have very good markings and like their older brothers and sisters, should be most attractive dogs. The red merle girls look very much like daddy Roadie and one of the black tri boys is going to be the image of Jolly - so of course we think he's going to be very handsome!
Jolly is being a wonderful, attentive mum and seems to be very content with her large brood. Roadie would love to sneak a peek at his babies but Jolly hasn't allowed anybody too close yet.

There isn't a theme to the names this time, hopefuly their new owners will have fun choosing names in a few weeks time when it's decided who's going where. The photos above are from day two.

week one

This strong-minded little lady is going places

Sweet Toby is an affable, even-tempered
pup who enjoys his cuddles and
interaction with people

Brace yourself ladies, here comes
Mr Dynamite. He's confident, outgoing and just plain gorgeous

This petite boy has an active nature.
He enjoys his food and cuddles,
and is a real sweetheart.
Slightly less noise than sister Koda -
but not by much! Scout is a bold girl
who loves food and attention

Simply adorable, this petite girl has got it all;
she's pretty, she's easy-going and cuddly.
She'll be someone's Dolly Daydream

Small on size, big on attitude.
Show-stopper Colin will make someone
a great training companion

Like sister Chase, Tikka is a pretty girl
with a calm and easy-going nature
Mr Kis is a real foodie and people-person.
With minimum white and tons of copper
he's going to be a head-turner

Stunning Miss Micah will be staying
the Kilnhurst Clan,
pending evaluation

A very busy week, as all first weeks are. Jolly is a most dutiful mother and certainly adores her babies. However, ten greedy guzzlers are proving quite a challenge to feed. I tried boosting Jolly's milk supply with traditional methods - her dinners had added yoghurt, a drop of Guinness and even ground fenugreek seeds! These measures might have helped but the biggest result of that exercise was that everybody started smelling like Friday night at a curry house. Whilst Friday nights at curry houses can be a good thing, having your dog and puppies smelling of curry all day every day is an effect that grows old very quickly.
Jolly is now on homeopathic rememdies (no smell!) and we have taken up supplementary bottle-feeding with each feed. That's had a great effect and the puppies are once again gaining weight nicely. Some of the puppies are happy to have cuddles and be bottle-fed, others insist you're trying to poison them and will only feed from mum. It's quite a punishing regime for the humans but with so much handling and human interaction it's fascinating to observe how strongly their little characters are coming through, already.

Here are the photos of the gang at eight days old. They weren't easy to photograph. The ones that love being bottle fed got all excited and paddled about because they thought they'd been hauled out of bed for a feed. The ones that don't like being bottle-fed also got all excited because they thought they'd been got out of bed for a feed, and quickly tried to paddle their way off-stage!

week two

This lovely lady has made great strides
this week. She loves her milky feeds and
just loves the attention and affection
Mr Toby is one cool dude. Like all the boys
 he is relatively laid back, he's sociable and
enjoys his cuddles. What a smasher!

Just how handsome can one puppy be?
 A self-assured, sociable and easy-going
lad, Kanzi is sure to take a leading role in someone's life

How much do I love Rafiki? He's a full
of grit, courage and sweetness.
He's definitely a special dog for a
special someone

A second lovely lady who is sure
to melt hearts. Scout is bright, inquisitive
and happy girl.
Chase has fed well this week and
grown a lot! She loves being handled and
cuddled and is very affectionate

What a boy! A determined little lad who
will make it to the top. Looks and a positive attitude will get this boy everywhere

Sweet, gentle Tikka will be someone's
heart-dog. Such a pretty face and a
 lovely character to match.
We love Mr Kis! A gentle, kind and sweet
soul who loves cuddles and is going to be
a handsome, compact, people-person.

Va-Va-Voom in a pretty package.
Strong, focussed and very foody. Wow!
Love that black tail!

Yes, yes - the update is a day early, so sue me! Tomorrow I drive south to London and Heathrow airport for an overnight trip to pick up the beautiful Princess Xi, so it's update now or ... later, basically. I thought earlier was probably better than later. I know, you're not used to updates being early. Anyway, here is everybody at a day short of two weeks.

Well, the hecticness continues, bottle-feeding continues; three times a day - all ten of them. Some babies feed better than others, though they're all getting the hang of it. And at last, they are putting on a good amount of weight. Some of the babies can stand up and attempt the wobbly-walk, others are still happy to scoot round the box by paddling. They're vocal, they're energetic and they're adorable. Love them all to bits, sooo much. This is a truly exceptional and adorable bunch of puppies.
You can see from Colin's photo that his eyes are just, just open, that was today's dicovery! The others will definitely open in the next day or so. I love it when the puppies' eyes open, their faces and expressions change so much and a whole world of exploration opens up to them.

I've had a busy but fascinating week talking to prospetcive puppy-people. There are some super homes lining up for this lot!

week three

Practising her showbiz moves by
putting her best foot forward, Miss Koda
 loves the limelight

Striking a dashing pose for the camera
and making sure we take his 'best side'
Who could resist those teddy-bear good
looks and all that charm
- Kanzi's got the lot

Sporting that 'just washed' look and having
a truly bad hair day, Rafiki wasn't really
in the mood to meet his public today

Miss Scout was calm and collected
as she too posed nicely for
the camera
Adorable little Miss Chase loved all
the fuss and attention

Colin forgave us for interrupting his
breakfast and even gave us a
coy Aussie smile

Well, there was a camera ...
so Tikka gave it her full attention
Little Kis took the impromptu photo-call
in his stride, he's such a sweetheart

explaining that her new name is
pronounced 'Meeka', this pretty lady
went for the studious look

Well, I couldn't have you thinking the updates were always going to be early ... Just as well I did the last update early though as due to complications with Xi's paperwork I ended up not getting home until three days later. That would have been a big delay.

All the puppies now have their eyes open and as predicted it has changed their world completely. They can see Jolly approaching the box and get very excited. They see humans approaching and think it's food time, too. They all come waddling over to the side of the box when we call, it's just so incredibly cute. They're all coming along very well, growing nicely and drinking us dry in the puppy-milk department. In the next couple of days they will be moved into the bigger pen in the kitchen where they can see all that's happening, and start to learn about family life. They'll of course get even more cuddles from there, where they'll be within easy scooping-up range for anybody that passes by.
The pups are starting to interact and play with each other now; chewing each other's ears, feet and tails, batting at each other and clambering all over their mum. They are trying to bark and growl and I'm quite sure I heard one of them trying to sing the other evening ... some lucky(?) home is going to need earplugs - not usually supplied as a part of the puppy-pack!

You have to give the pups a little leeway with the photos today, they're not all looking their best! They were busy nursing when we decided it was time for the photoshoot. Nobody was impressed at having their breakfast interrupted and several of them still had wet faces from where Jolly was busy giving them their morning wash. Ooops - sorry puppies.

week four

a bold, bright and active little lady
who will make a great training companion

mellow Toby loves cuddles and
climbing all over his brothers
the world is his oyster! Kanzi's big
loves are food and attention

the smallest of the boys but
big on determination and fun

overexposed, but this photo proves
Scout's claim that the sun really does shine
out of ...

happy, sociable little busy-body,
everybody loves this pretty little girl
and she adores company in return

This affectionate, fun and playful
little lad wins everybody's hearts

the two red girls are very similar;
confident, sociable little ladies who
love cuddles

such a striking good-looker, this love-bug
is a real thinker who loves
human company

a lovely, level-headed snuggle-bum ...
and pretty to boot

Four weeks old today. The pups are all doing very well and growing like crazy. This week has been one of great change for the pups. They've been moved into the kitchen and explored their new pen, which has a sleeping area and a separate play/feeding area. They've met lots of new toys and they've met (through the mesh) all the big dogs. Roadie is a very attentive dad and spends much of his day lying down by the side of the pen, gently checking out and interacting with his kids on the other side. It's lovely to see, he really is the most amazing father.
This week ten sets of very sharp little teeth have erupted - ouch! With the arrival of teeth, pups have been started on milky breakfasts and meaty dinners, which they very much enjoy. As much as Jolly adores her pups it must be a relief not to be chewed and mauled repeatedly throughout the day.

Visits from the new owners start next weekend; we are very much looking forward to seeing the pups meet their new people!

week fIVE

Kilnhurst Carma Chameleon

Kilnhurst Kuro
Kilnhurst Kanzi

Kilnhurst Kijani

Kilnhurst Cub
Kilnhurst Castleknock

Kilnhurst King Colin

Kilnhurst Cariad
Kilnhurst Kismet

Kilnhurst Kalani

Five weeks old today. I'm sure the pups grow while you watch them! They've had a very busy week with visits from puppy people, acclimatising to life in the kitchen and eating, eating, eating! Boy can they eat. At just five weeks they're munching through 1litre of milk and a whole packet of Farley's rusks for breakfast, 1kg of meaty nuggets between lunch and dinner, and another big milky meal at bedtime. And of course, what goes in, must come out ... Ten pups is a hugely enjoyable litter but it brings it's own logistical issues!
We've started bringing the pups into the lounge individually to allow them to socialise with the Big Dogs. Some of the Big Dogs just sniff and wander off, others are prepared to let the puppies interact and even check out their toys. It's very sweet to watch. Always close at hand of course are their mum and dad; checking up, guiding and cleaning up after.

This week Scout and Kismet did not exactly do themselves any credit with the photos, they are both so much more cute in real life! Scout decided to fold an ear out of sight and the usually adorable Kismet looks like he's very cross with someone.
This week I've added the registered names that the new owners have chosen.

week six








Three Sunday updates in a row? I'm excelling myself! Well here's the gang at six weeks old, everybody firing on all cylinders. The pups have made great progress this week, having spent an exctiting time last weekend, meeting their new people.

For the first time with a litter, I have stopped the milky morning feeds already. They just didn't need them and they didn't seem to be doing the pups much good. The last mini Aussie litter stopped their milky feeds faster than the collie litters ever did, and this particular litter has dropped them even faster than the others. The pups are now on four meaty meals a day and doing just great. This does mean however that they are already getting through over 3kg of meat a day ... the butcher loves us! The pups are still feeding from Jolly several times a day, so there's still milk available on demand, just not the formula stuff.

It saddens me that I can't get a 'good' photo of Scout. She is such a sweet girl, so happy and bubbly and an absolute people-person. She loves to be held and cuddled, she's a very bright button and very pretty to boot. Why doesn't this show in the photos? The bright blue eyes do, though!
Kismet did his usual stern look for the camera, which is so funny because he's anything but stern in real life, he's a complete lover-dumpling.
The pups can't wait to get out en masse and savage the Big Dogs. There is much interaction through the bars of the puppy pen, especially with the younger mini Aussies, Tuxedo and Xi, who pay a lot of attention to the babies. I can't wait to let this lot play together up the field!

week seveN

All the lights are on our prima-donna

The sweetest love-bug you'll ever meet
Handsome, handsome, handsome!

Our gorgeous busy bee

A bright, bold and loving, baby blue-eyes
Gorgeous, clever and she knows it!

Our happy, happy, happy footballer!

Sweet, smart, cuddly and fun
A snuggle-bum and another love-bug

Sweet, composed, loving and - perfect!

Unbelievably, the last update for this litter. The time has just flown by and now we have a litter of adventurous, bold, busy, energetic pups ready to go to their new homes next weekend. They're a noisy, boisterous bunch and it's been a real challenge successfully rearing such a big litter and running around behind them all. Jolly has been absolutely wonderful; incredibly patient and loving, just the perfect mother. The other dogs have all pitched in with puppy-entertainment duties too, it's been a full team effort from the whole household, to support such a big team of puppies.
The pups are now fully weaned, having just a quick comfort feed from Jolly morning and evening. In the meantime they're munching through their meaty meals during the day, chewing on bones, chewing on toys, chewing on each other ...

The house is going to feel so empty without these babies and the noise and chaos that follows them everywhere. But they have eager new homes and families waiting where they're going to be loved and have great adventures!

weeks eight : collections

went to live with Hannah
& her auntie Sola & uncle Celt

went to live with Joe, Helen & family
& his big sister Rosa
went to live with Yvonne & Steve

went to live with Vicky & Jen

went to live with Fran & family
went to live with Melissa & Jeff

went to live with Luanne, Sinclair & family

went to live with Georgina & Glynn
went to live with his soulmate Nat

is co-owned
with Nicole, George & family

 & her big brother Wizard

All the babies have now gone to their forever homes, and we miss them like crazy. Without our 'almost-a-football-team' causing a riot for the past eight weeks, life is now very still and quiet. The puppy pen is dismantled and put away and we have our kitchen back (but who wants a whole kitchen anyway?) All the puppy toys are gathered up and stored and we can walk across the lounge without twisting our ankles (but who needs to walk straight?)
Ten little characters will be missed forever, but remembered as possibly the noisiest, naughtiest, happiest, most exhausting and most loving bunch to date.

Good luck and great adventures, puppies. Wherever you go, a piece of our hearts will go with you, too.