Minx is our home-grown girl and a wonderful, open and exuberant character. She works Medium KC agility, has gained her Herding Instinct Certificate and her Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze and Silver awards with the minimum of training. She has shown great promise at tracking and scentwork. She's a powerful, bright and stunning all-rounder who is Keith's devoted companion.
We quite literally scoured the world and were incredibly picky in our selection of beau for our very special girl and the plans were a long time in the preparation. We were delighted and honoured that such a prestigious kennel as Dynasty allowed us to use Ozzy at stud.

Ozzy lives in New York State and if his good looks have a familar ring to them that's because he is a full but older brother to our girl Xi-Cephei. As such he is not only litter brother to 'Ref' (MASCUSA/MASCA GRAND CH, MULTIPLE CH Dynasty's Instant Replay, CM2, THD, CGC) but uncle to the world famous 'Remi' (BIS GChS Dynasty's Triple Crown, CM6, AKC Grand Champion, MASCUSA Grand Champion) and 'Desi' (GCH Dynasty's Designed to Impress, CM)
Ozzy has wonderful movement and a handsome head piece. He's is a super-sweet, family-loving, happy boy with an easy-going temperament. He is confident, a quick learner and well-mannered. He's positive, optimistic and athletic.

We have been so genuinely pleased with the quality of our crosses between Kilnhurst x Dynasty, especially the previous Ozzy and Minx litters, that we were delighted to be given the opportunity to repeat this winning formula. The previous Ozzy and Minx pups are beautifully put together dogs with sound conformation, power and stamina. They're bright, they adore their people and they have superb temperaments.

Ozzy and Minx's third litter arrived safely on 11th November 2019. Seven pups, three boys and four girls. Since they arrived on such an auspicious date as Armistice Day, the theme for the nest names just had to be 'Poppies'.

Rogue    (red tri merle girl)
Riemu  (blue merle and tri girl)
Magnus   (black tri boy)
Blue  (blue merle and tri boy)
Henna  (red tri girl)
Whiskey  (blue merle and tri girl)
Bran  (black tri boy)


MONday 11th NOVEMBER 2019 :  Birthday!

Canbya candida
Pygmy Poppy
02:42  red merle and tri girl
Eschscholzia californica
Californian Poppy
03:28  blue merle and tri girl
Meconopsis cambrica
Welsh Poppy
05:05  black tri boy

Romneya coulteria
California Tree Poppy
05:45  blue merle and tri boy

Argemone corymbosa
Mojave Prickly Poppy

06:40  red tricolour girl
Corydalis cava

Chinese Poppy
07:21  blue merle and tri girl
Capnoides sempervirens
Harlequin Corydalis
07:51  black tri boy

Happy Birthday, babies! Minx and Ozzy's final and largest litter have arrived safely and are all doing very well. They're a vocal bunch and didn't enjoy being removed from the nest for their photos, or their daily weigh-in. They wouldn't stay still for any of that, thank you! Minx is a fantastic little mum and is taking great care of them.


Oops! Completely missed week one! This is the problem with having a couple of Facebook pages and a website - you update one and fogged up with puppy-brain you think you've updated everything.

The pups spent a cozy and uneventful first week in the nest box, feeding and burbling contentedly. Despite their early arrival all have been progressing well and gaining weight so they're well on track for their age. We couldn't ask for a more devoted mum than Minx, she rarely leaves the nest except for essential pit stops and even prefers to have her dinner served in bed. Talk about room service!


We've arrived at the end of week two already, time really is flashing by. The pups are all very mobile and vocal, we have a mixture of cuddlers, snugglers and explorers including one mountaineer who likes to clamber on top of Minx and sprawl there to sleep. This must be comfortable because with eyes still shut there's not much of a view from the top! Pretty sure we can see the start of some eyes opening so hopefully next week they'll be looking out at the world.
All the pups hit their target weights this week, which is great. Looking forward to seeing these lovely babies up and about.
Later this week and over the weekend we have the first of the visitors. A bit early, but the timing of visitis with Christmas approaching is getting tricky. I cant wait for people to meet ther potential pup!


It's all change in the nest box this week as all eyes have opened and the puppies are up and about. They've found not only their eyesight but their voices and their feet! They are now an active little bunch who are clambering over each other, chewing each other and starting to play.
This week the pups had the first of their visitors and met some folk who will hopefully become their families in due course. Everybody was kind enough to approach with the greatest of respect and Minx consequently welcomed everybody in to see her precious brood.

Today the family has moved out of the nest box and into it's new home - the large pen in the kitchen. This is the first time the 'big dogs' and the pups have had the chance to meet, albeit it still through the walls of the pen. The 'bigs' were absolutely fascinated, especially Grandma Jolly, who was very keen to meet them and is no doubt just biding her time for the first opportunity to clean them. This is the first litter that won't be welcomed by Grandad Roadie too, Roadie did so love having puppies around.

Tomorrow when they've caught their breath from the move, the pups will encounter food for the first time and weaning will commence! Bring on the inevitable mess and chaos.

week 4

Busy, busy, busy. The pup's first week in the large pen has gone very well. They genuinely seem to enjoy being a part of the household and have made friends with all the big dogs, through the walls of the pen.
Raw meaty dinners are going down an absolute storm. We have quite the choir singing in anticipation when they know their food is being prepared. I'm sure Minx must find this a relief, not having to feed so many eager mouths all by herself.

In the coming week the puppy 'gym' will be slowly assembled in the play section of the pen, with new bits of equipment and fun things to play on and explore being added each day. This will mark the point where the videos for the waiting puppy people change from images of peaceful, snoozy puppies to a complete riot. Hope the viewers have got their earplugs at the ready ...

The pups are all reserved for specific homes now and we're starting to use the pet names that have been chosen. Only a few more weeks to wait, folks!


Well as if you haven't guessed, it's Christmas. Christmas with puppies around involves the inevitable seasonal photoshoot. This year the puppies gatecrashed the scenery we had set up to take some fun photos of the family and grandkids, but as all the humans had finished with it, we thought no-one would mind. (Yes of course Tebo had to have his photo taken too. You cannot assemble a stage of any variety, or wave a camera of any description, without Tebo getting in on the act.)

The change in the pups is almost daily, sit there long enough and you can watch them grow. They have eagerly devoured a wide range of foods, conquered all aspects of their play gym, have learnt to play fight with each other and one of them - who shall remain nameless - through sheer tenacity and determination, has already managed to climb out of the pen! Oh my word. This litter might be named after poppies but in botanical terms they certainy aren't shrinking violets!

We wish all our Clansmen, families and friends far and wide and across the globe, a happy, peaceful and propserous festive season.