Minx is our home-grown girl and a simply wonderful, open and exuberant character. She works Medium KC agility, has gained her Herding Instinct Certificate and her Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze and Silver awards with the minimum of training. She's a powerful, bright and stunning all-rounder who is Keith's devoted companion.
We quite literally scoured the world and were incredibly picky in our selection of beau for our very special girl and the plans were a long time in the preparation. We were delighted and honoured that such a prestigious kennel as Dynasty allowed us to use Ozzy at stud.

Ozzy lives in New York State and if his good looks have a familar ring to them that's because he is a full but older brother to our girl Xi-Cephei. As such he is not only litter brother to 'Ref' (MASCUSA/MASCA GRAND CH, MULTIPLE CH Dynasty's Instant Replay, CM2, THD, CGC) but uncle to the world famous 'Remi' (BIS GChS Dynasty's Triple Crown, CM6, AKC Grand Champion, MASCUSA Grand Champion) and 'Desi' (GCH Dynasty's Designed to Impress, CM)
Ozzy has wonderful movement and a handsome head piece. He's is a super-sweet, family-loving, happy boy with an easy-going temperament. He is confident, a quick learner and well-mannered. He's positive, optimistic and athletic.

We were so pleased with the quality of our recent litter from Xi and Kasper that this a very similar cross of Kilnhurst x Dynasty, this time with Xi's brother Ozzy and Kasper's sister, Minx!

The fun theme for the nest names this time is 'USA Mountains' in honour of their sire.
Ozzy and Minx's litter arrived safely on 14th March 2017, just two lovely pups, one girl and one boy:

Nomi    (Kilnhurst Cloud Peak)
Kipper    (Kilnhurst Culprit)


TUESday 14th MARCH 2017 :  Birthday!

00:28  blue merle girl

01:29  red merle boy


Wyoming, USA
Elevation: 4,013 m
First ascent: 1897
Mountain range: Bighorn Mountains, Rocky Mountains


Coos County,  New Hampshire, USA
Elevation: 1,473 m
Mountain range: White Mountains, Carter-Moriah Range, Appalachian Mountains

Happy Birthday, babies! Ozzy and Minx's two pups arrived close to schedule, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Both pups are most attractively marked merles with their sire's eye-patch, too.
With just two for us to dote on we're planning on having lots of fun with these pups, who will be lavished with the usual Kilnhurst attention to detail in every respect of their upbringing. Aside from all the usual rigorous health checks and guarantees, their new homes can be assured of a thoroughly loved and pre-spoiled puppy! Can't wait to watch these two grow up.

For all the disappointed potential homes (of which there are many and I genuinely wished we could have fulfilled more promises this time around) all hope is not lost as all being well we hope to repeat this fantastic cross in the not-too-distant future. Thanks to the breathtaking incompetence of a certain international freight company who shall remain nameless, we had problems with the precise timing which is required for this type of breeding, which we hope will not be an issue in the future.

week one

Chubby, noisy and opinionated, we have
a pretty little 'Lily Longstocking'
with one black front leg

Not to be outdone, Carter with his
pirate's eye patch isn't afraid to
express his opinions on things either!

It's been a comparatively peaceful week in the nest box, which is always a good start. This will be, as always however, the calm before the storm when the eyes open and things really shift up a gear! And I have the feeling there is going to be quite the storm with these two. Although still very young they are extremely active around the box and very vocal if they need something. These two certainly fire on all cylinders. They are such characters that I think we might even come to be appreciative of the fact that there are only two, before long!

Minx is being a wonderful mum. She's spending most of her time in the nest with them and the little family spend many hours just cuddled up or feeding. Able to cruise the milk bar at leisure with no competition, Cloud and Carter are really piling on the pounds. They have doubled their birth weight in just six days. Does it show on the photos? Yes Cloud, your bum ~ is ~ starting to look big in that!

week TWO

Little Miss is on the move! Cloud is very active
around the box and now her eyes are starting
to open she can see where she's going.
There may be trouble ahead!

Carter's eyes are almost open, too.
Such lovely markings on this boy, he's going to
be a heartbreaker for sure.

A second peaceful week in the nest box, although I suspect it's going to be the last in terms of peace. The pups are growing at a tremendous rate and are both very active and like to make their presence felt! Minx is taking extremely good care of her pups and is being a most attentive first time mum. Both pups have gone up a gear since their eyes started to open. Stand clear World, and hold your hollyhocks for next week's update!

week 3

Miss Cloud sure knows how to work the camera.
She's as good as gold and would probably pose
happily all day if you asked her to.

Mr Carter takes a little more convincing to pose nicely but we got there eventually.
Carter would much rather be snuggled into you
than sitting on his own.

Time really is flashing by so fast with these pups. They're three weeks already, up and about doing the wobbly walk, playing with each other (well, batting each other on the head and chewing each other's feet - you've got to start somewhere) and growing like crazy. They're a right pair of dumplings, no concerns about either of these not gaining weight! They will have a little food introduced during this week but that's more out of routine than necessity as they're doing just fine as they are.
The pups have now been moved into the larger pen in the kitchen where they are at the centre of family life and can get used to the daily hustle and bustle around them. It's fortunate that both pups really do relish being cuddled and loved on because it's happening a lot right now. Who could walk past a puppy pen and resist scooping one (or two) up?
The pups have the first of their visitors arriving later in the week, which will be exciting for all of us to see how everybody gets along.

week 4

Miss Cloud is now called Nomi
(pronounced 'Know-Me')

but will keep the Cloud Peak reference
in her registered name

Mr Carter is now called Kipper ('Kip')
and is looking forward to his new life

of long walks, running when he's old enough
and maybe a bit of agility too

Well look at these chubbers! They're eating, sleeping and playing well and growing like the proverbial weeds.
Life has shifted up a gear now that they're based in the kitchen in the middle of everything. They're mixing with the big dogs a few at a time and learning some canine manners in the process. Grandma Jolly and Grandad Roadie are especially keen to babysit the grandkids; for their part the grandkids are less keen to be contunually supervised and cleaned from top to toe several times a day.
Both pups have met their new people and there was much love at first sight on all parts, including a few damp eyes of happiness from a couple of the humans - how lovely. Now everybody is counting down the days until the pups go home.
We had a bit of Easter fun with the photos this week as you can see. The pups were so busy charging around playing with the props that it took almost 400 photos to get this one shot! In fact it took us two totally separate photoshoots as they were far too wild the first time we tried. Absolute crazy sessions with puppies, Easter eggs and light fittings flying in all directions! It doesn't get much better than this.

week 5

Miss Nomi is growing into a confident, outgoing
people-oriented little girl.
She loves to cuddle but most of all
she loves to play with people.

Mr Kipper is a fun, affectionate character
who's always up for a game (or two.)
He loves to snuggle under your chin and enjoys
climbing onto your shoulder for a better view.

The characters in these pups are really starting to develop now and my goodness what characters they are! They're both bold, bright, inquisitive pups who love attention and company and are so ready to engage with the humans in their life! Minx is still being a most wonderful mum, spending a lot of time with them, cleaning them, teaching them manners or just simply curled up together as a little family. There may be just two of them but they've made a huge impact on this household - both humans and canines alike have really taken these two to their hearts.
A double treat of two lots of photos this week because I couldn't make my mind up which I liked the most.

week 6

Growing in confidence and personality every day,
our little Miss Nomi just couldn't be any cuter

Everybody's best lover-buddy, once again Kipper
had no intention of sitting still for his photo

So, it looks like having your weekly birthday on a Tuesday is a reall crummy day for photos. Something always manages to stop us on a Tuesday! Anyway here they are at last, sitting pretty at six weeks and two days.
The pups are very much up and about now, spending time around the house with their mum and the older dogs. This has a mixed reception from some of the seniors, but the MAS family, especially their Grandma Jolly and Granddad Roadie, are taking a great interest in them and spending a lot of time playing games and teaching them canine manners. It's fascinating to watch their social development in parallel with their obvious physical one. These will be two very well rounded and grounded pups by the time they're ready to leave.

week 7

On the watch, Nomi checking where her
mum Minx has got to.

Poised and ready for action, Kipper
lines up to pounce.

Yes, true to form we missed week seven's photoshoot, too. Tardyness was a recurring theme with these two. They were even born two days late so I guess it's now their lifetime duty to turn up late for everything!
In their last week with us, the pups had a very busy week indeed. The weather held fair and they were able to spend a fair while out and about in the fields with their family, exploring, playing and keeping a close eye on the sheep in the next field. It's astonishing how early their herding instincts cut in!
The pups also had several trips in the van to town and back on errands and of course a vet visit for their final check up and their microchips. It turned into quite a lengthy vet visit with all the vets, nurses and receptionsists all wanting puppy cuddles!

At the eight week mark the pups left for their new homes. It was a very bittersweet moment as we have loved having these two around and have got very close to them. We will miss their puppy kisses and their snuggles, it was a lonely job clearing all the puppy gear away, washing and putting it into storage. We can't believe we're saying this but - we're looking forward to reapeating this litter already!