Kilnhurst Capoeira  ~TO~  Dynasty's Starlight of Kilnhurst

Absolutely delighted with the quality and type of their first litter the year previously, we decided to repeat this cross once more. Kasper is one of our home-grown lads, the son of Roadie and Jolly. Xi of course is our little princess from the prestigious Dynasty kennels in America  - being both sister and aunt to some of the top show-winning MAS in America. It was a nice cross on paper and an even nicer one in real life!

Xi delivered her four pups in the middle of the night. It was a smooth and trouble-free whelping and she's being a great little mum to her new brood.

The litter theme for this litter's nest names is 'Traditional Fairytales' from around the world. As always it was quite the challenge to find names that started with the prerequisite K-sound but we've had fun and come up with some unusual names for these beautiful babies. We were quite relieved when the pups arrived a day ahead of schedule on Thursday 12th. Had they arrived on Friday 13th that would have required a completely different theme altogether!

Kasper and Xi's three girls and one boy are:

Kachi    - black tri girl - (Kilnhurst Caledonian)
Spec  blue merle tri girl - (Kilnhurst Krazy In Love)
Ember  - blue merle tri girl -  (Kilnhurst Celtic Ember)
Kody  - black tri boy - (Kilnhurst Kody Clan Spirit)


THURSDaY 12th OCTOBER 2017 :  Birthday!

03:06am  black tri girl

From the tale of Kachi-Kachi Yama,
'Crackling Fire Mountain' - Japan

03:33am  blue merle/tri girl

From the tale of Kisa the Cat
who was a kind, enchanted Princess - Iceland

04:37am   blue merle/tri girl

From the tale of Kallo and the Goblins
- a beautiful and clever younger daughter - Greece

06:14am  black tri boy

From the tale of Conall Cra Bhuidhe
who out-witted a King to save his sons  - Scotland


A sweet girl who enjoys being cuddled

Another snuggle-bug who enjoys
being held and talked to

Spirited, opinionated, active
and oh so very pretty!

One of the best things in the world
is a Conall cuddle

A peaceful week in the nest box. Xi is a wonderful little mum and is lavishing care and attention on her latest babies. The babies for their part are growing like crazy, piling the weight on and are very active around the box. This is a delightfully cuddly litter who all settle with contact and seem to genuinely enjoy being held and talked to. Little Kachi pulls faces and moves her ears when you talk to her, looking as if she's really concentrating on what you're saying. I love it when pups interact with people, even at this early stage.
Definitely the most vocal in this litter is Miss Kallo who offers her opinion on things she can't even see yet! With her absolutely stunning good looks she is going to be quite the head-turner one day.


Look at that copper coming through!
If minimal white is your thing, Kachi's your girl.

Tons of copper and an all-black tail,
Kisa reminds me very much of her Aunt Micah

Miss Nosey Parker and Busybody,
Kallo is the spokesperson for the group

We can't get enough of this boy,
what a smashing little character

Ooops, a  whole week late! I was away last week so although the photos were taken on time (thank you, guys!) they didn't get uploaded. The pups have all done very well. They've opened their eyes, piled in the weight and patrolled the nest box. I missed them very much, for sure.
As soon as I got back we did a fun Hallow'een photoshoot. Here's a sneaky peek at the final image, in compensation for my tardyness. (Facebook fans will already have spotted a bigger version a few days ago!)


It's impossible not to fall hopelessly
in love with this sweetpea

Love this girl's attitude to life

Firing on all cylinders!

With his striking classic markings,
this boy is gorgeous inside and out

This update at least, is on time! So much change in the pups, who are now up and about. They've mastered the Wobbly Walk, they've found their voices, they're busy playing with each other and they are making great progress. Xi is such a lovely mum and still spends the majority of her time with them in the nest.
All this is due to change very soon as the family move into the puppy pen in the kitchen and take up their place as part of the household. Food is due to start in the next couple of days too, that will be fun - and messy no doubt. Puppy visits also start in the coming week, can't wait to see what the potential puppy people and the puppies make of each other. Busy, busy, busy.


So much love and happiness in one small puppy

As lovely on the inside as on the outside

Such a strong, inquisitive character,
this little girl is into everything at full speed

The total heart-throb, this teddy bear
melts hearts at a glance

Only one day late - I'm doing well! A very busy week indeed for the pups, who are rapidly turning into right little characters. No longer helpless babies, they're well on their way to being little dogs!
This week the family moved into the pen in the kitchen. The pups have taken a great interest in everything that's going on and have been very tolerant of all the new noises around them - cupboard doors, pots and pans, vacuum cleaners and so on. They've made friends with all the big dogs through the bars. Tebo as always is very keen to play with the pups while they're still smaller than him, Roadie and Suri would both love to get in the pen and play with them no matter what their size. Tux, Ace and Cassius just sit outside and covert their food from a distance.
Talking of food the pups have now been on raw meat for the past week and are absolutely loving it. Conall likes to climb in the bowl and sprawl across it, eating from the far side. Kallo likes to put her front feet in the bowl to scoot and steer it across the floor into a private corner leaving everybody else behind. Kisa and Kachi get very upset when their dinner slides away from them! The advent of food takes the pressure off Xi a little in the feeding department. She's being a good mum and feeding them several times a day but it gets to the point where some extra help doesn't go amiss.
The first Puppy People arrived this week to meet the family, more Puppy People due next week. Lovely to finally meet the folk I've been talking to all this time and truly joyful to see them meet their pups, too.


A happy, quizzy little busybody

Enjoying her new name which we are told
is short for 'Spectacular'!

Yes, brains and dynamite really do
exist in the same package

A fun boy, always up for a game
and entertainment

Oh, go me - I'm on time this week - put the flags out! Another busy week for the pups with lots of visitors and socialisation opportunities. The playpen has been filled with lots of fun activities, bouncy toys, different surfaces and noises for the pups to explore. They're eating well, feeding from Xi less and less and generally growing like weeds - happy, noisy, busy and gorgeous weeds! We're loving having this litter around, they are such a super bunch of characters.


No individual photos this week but we had lots of fun with a Christmas themed photoshoot instead. Well, it is December (just!)
It's quite a performance getting these group photos but we think the results are worth it! Unusually this litter has had two themed photoshoots, Hallowe'en and Christmas. Mega-stars! Such good puppies, can you tell they are camera pros already?







I lost a week, did you notice?! Ooops! That proves to be the problem of (me) using multimedia. I put one lot of photos up on Facebook and completely forget to put them up here as well. Or vice-versa, equally as likely. Proof I guess of how fast time is flying with these super pups. We're loving their company, they're such happy little characters, so full of fun. They get along very well as a group, too. They play well together and sleep in a big heap, they share food nicely and they just rub along as a little pack. You very rarely hear a cross word between them. Their favourite toy, of all things, is a cardboard banana box suspended on a bungee. All four of them cram in there at once and use it like a trampoline, so funny to watch their fun and excitement together.

This coming week will be spent getting the pups ready to leave for their new homes next weekend. Puppy info packs to be printed, bags to be filled with goodies, last vet check and microchips to be done. It's an exciting week but tinged with sadness, too. These really are such super little characters and it's been such a pleasure having them around.






Unbelievable that we've reached the last week and the last set of photos. This has been the fastest eight weeks in history, we reckon. Here are the little family all ready for their new homes. They were extremely good with their microchips, not a single peep at all, far too busy scoffing the treats the vet provided. They all passed their vet checks with flying colours of course, although we did have to do a quick search of the vet nurses' pockets as we left to make sure none of the pups had been spirited away.
Much to our delight, sisters Spec and Ember will be seeing each other at weekly training. We're so pleased that at least some of the pups get to stay in regular touch, this has been such a close litter of siblings.

Daddy Kasper came along to wish some of his pups bon voyage as they left for their new life adventures, which was a lovely touch. For the humans it was as always hard to see them go but we know they were all ready for their new lives and all the exiting things that their new people have lined up for them.
Time to dismantle and wash the play pen and all the toys. Sad times for us, happy times for the pups.

If you are interested in a future Kilnhurst pup we look forward to hearing from you

by email with a completed questionnaire, the link to which can be found

at the bottom of the 'Application' page.