Kilnhurst Capoeira  ~TO~  Dynasty's Starlight of Kilnhurst

We couldn't be more excited about this litter! Kasper is one of our home-grown lads, the son of Roadie and Jolly. Xi of course is our little princess from the prestigious Dynasty kennels in America  - being both sister and aunt to some of the top show-winning MAS in America. Maybe 'excited' is a bit of an understatement.

Xi caught us on the hop delivering this litter, deciding to bring them into the world a full five days ahead of schedule. Thank goodness I'd had a hunch and everything was ready in the 'maternity ward'! The pups were born in a swift two hour whelping and although understandably small at birth, they are thankfully all hale and hearty.

The litter theme for this litter's nest names is Geology, more specificly, minerals. It was quite the challenge to find five names that started with the prerequisite K-sound!

Kasper and Xi's five boys are:

Quartz   (Kilnhurst Cathal)
Ruadh  (Kilnhurst Kynthelig)
Douglas   (Kilnhurst Kentish Man)
Fox   (Kilnhurst Corundum)
Drago   (Kilnhurst Kyron)


WEDNESDaY 9th NOVEMBER 2016 :  Birthday!

18:06pm  blue merle/tri boy

18:29pm  red merle/tri boy
18:31pm  red tri boy

19:25  black tri boy

20:16  black tri boy

Happy Birthday, babies! Xi went into labour on Wednesday morning and the puppies were born the same evening. Xi had a swift and easy whelping and is a completely devoted little mum, smothering her pups with attention. Good girl Xi, for whelping during sociable hours and not all the way thought the night!

The theme for this litter is Minerals. This entertaining challenge was laid down by my brother, who I don't think realised that whilst there are lots of great mineral names out there, for the Kilnhursts they all have to start with a K-sound. To this end we adapted 'Cornelium' (an alternative name for Ruby) to Cornelius for our red-tri boy and 'Corundum' contracted to Corun for one of our black-tris.

The pups were understandably on the small side at birth but all is well with them. They are very active, very vocal and very hungry, they're all putting on weight very nicely.



working the camera like a pro already!


he's going to be a real head-turner
with his coat of many colours


such a long name for such a small boy, he's Mr Cute

brace yourselves ladies, here comes Handsome.

with his classic markings, this little man is very smart ideed

Well week one has been mostly peaceful, which is all good. Xi is being an amazing and attentive mum and her brood is flourishing. All the pups have doubled their birth weight and five days in, hit their original due date with good weights much more in line with expectations. Phew!
The pups are very active although they are of course happiest when snuggled in to Xi. They're also noisy when they need something, I don't think any of these boys are going to grow up to suffer in silence! I can't wait for their eyes to open and that whole new phase of their lives to start, I think we're going to have a lot of fun and games with this bunch as they explore their new world.



the first of the puppies to open their eyes


already has the box conquered, even with his eyes still closed


no eyes yet for this handsome
boy, either


still busy checking out this new multicoloured world


look at all that copper! We can see you too, Mr Coal

Xi and her boys are all doing extremely well, the boys are all piling on the weight and growing like crazy. They've all individually worked their way around the box and concluded it was much better to stay in a big heap in the middle. This lot sure do like to pile on top of each other, maybe we should have named them after mountains instead of minerals?
Quartz was the first to open his eyes yesterday, closely followed by Corun and Coal. So far the black-based pups are in the lead in the eye department, though no doubt the reds will be close on their heels. It's great fun watching them take in all the new sights, shapes and colours and of course seeing their mum for the first time. When she returns to the box they look around for her now instead of making their way over to her by sound, warmth and smell, which means she now gets mugged all the faster, of course!



lights, camera, action!
Quartz is so photogenic


wondering why these humans have dug him out of bed


didn't want to sit still, he was
off exploring, thank you


how do you spell gorgeous?
What a stunning boy


this sweet lad is just lovely,
inside and out

How have we got to week three already? Time really is flashing past with these pups. Everybody has opened their eyes and they're all up and about, tottering and wobbling around the box. They've learned to bark, which is very cute at this stage, as annoying as it gets when they're adult. Kyan has additionally learned to sing which is similarly cute at this stage though no doubt the novelty will wear thin on human ears pretty soon. He has been backed in his choral endeavours by Quartz and Cornelius, one more needed before we have our own babershop quartet. Won't that be fun ...
This is a lively, lovely and happy litter of pups that we are really enjoying having around. Their characters are really developing and we're very much engaged now in the process of considering which pup is best suited to which type of home. Puppy visits start this week; it's a very exctiting time for us, the potential owners and the puppies of course. This coming weekend the pups will move from the 'nursery' and into the big pen in the kitchen where they can start to join in with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Big changes and a very busy week ahead!



tiny Quartz is as cute as a button


oh dear, Grimble, did we dig
you out of bed again?


still refused to sit but
supervised all that was going on


just keeps on getting more gorgeous by the day


is a complete love-bug

A busy, busy week! The boys are now out of the nursery and nest box and have moved accommodation into the big pen in the kitchen. From there they can join in with family life and recieve lots of extra attention and interaction since the kitchen is in the middle of the house and the highway to everywhere, and it is impossible to walk past the pen without scooping somebody up for a cuddle. The pups have been very good about the move and are already immune to the sounds of the microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, pots and pans etc.
There is a small selection of toys hung around the pen at various levels. The first toy to be investigated and then played in, was the tube tunnel suspended on bungees. This moveable, wobbly tube is quite a challenge to negotiate but all the puppies have managed it and keep going back for another go, so presumably it's as much fun to play in, as it is for us to watch them in it!
Weaning also started this week. The pups have eagerly accepted milky breakfasts of goats milk and rusks, plus dinners of raw complete food and mixed minces. That part of the food which does not get eaten, gets sat in, snorkeled in, paddled around the pen or rolled in. Nice.
More puppy visits scheduled for this week; we're looking forward to meeting everyone and are genuinely touched by the enormous distances some people are happy to travel, to come and see us.


Kilnhurst Cathal

Quartz keeps his nest name.
His registered name, pronounced Ka-hal, means
'a great warrior' in Gaelic

Kilnhurst Kynthelig

meaning 'the red one' in Gaelic
and his registered name means
'a guide'

Kilnhurst Kentish Man

or 'Dougie' to his friends

Kilnhurst Corundum

Fox keeps his nest name in
his registered name
Kilnhurst Kyron

meaning 'Dragon' in Italian
and his registered name means a Greek Lord or Ruler

Not sure how we've managed it but this week has been even more hectic than the last. We've had a thoroughly enjoyable time with visits from the puppy people, both we and of course the puppies are truly lucky to have such wonderful homes eagerly awaiting their arrival. Sorry though folks, you've a couple more weeks to wait yet, leaving us with the chaos of puppies at Christmas plus a houseful of family, too!

For this week's photoshoot I thought we'd have fun with some stars and stripes vetbed. The pups thought it was great, mostly they wanted to run about on it and roll on it, which made for a rather lengthy and patience-sapping session!

Back in the pen, new toys have been appearing daily whilst others have been put aside for a few days, in rotation. Keeps the puppies occupied and lets them explore new objects, sounds, surfaces, smells and textures. Much as with children, very often it's the simplest toys that occupy their minds the best, including the universal need to play with the box that stuff comes in.

This week's delights have included two old favourites; a plastic milk bottle with a few dried peas in it (this surprisingly, is a totally top toy with all the litters) and a strong cardboard box that the dog meat delivery came in (must smell lovely!) Puppies just love cardboard boxes. They herd them round the pen, chew and rip them, climb on them and then lep off them onto the other puppies, hide in them and ambush each other or sometimes just curl up in them and go to sleep. Extraordinarily good value, a cardboard box.

You'll notice that the puppies have changed names already. As soon as we know the puppies names we start using them so they learn their names before they leave home. Armed with the new names we can also get the registration paperwork started.


Late update. Very, very late. Christmas totally got in the way! All is well in the puppy pen and everybody is being a classic, fun, active, adventurous, noisy, playful puppy. Here are the little princes on their 6-week photoshoot which of course had to be Christmas-themed. Individual photos once again and a fuller write up due next week, promise!



the terror tot. If there's mischief going on, Quartz is in the
middle of it


this beautiful boy has the most
wonderfully balanced nature
and is a real deep thinker


is going to be a very busy boy,
he's already got puppy classes
booked up!


full of energy,
enthusiasm and affection, Fox is going to be a great all-rounder


this tiny dragon has the
waggiest tail and such a happy disposition

Week seven has been pretty full of the chaos of a big family Christmas, to be honest. The house has been buzzing with noise, lights, laughter, family, food and visitors. The pups have revelled in all the excitement and have received tons of socialisation, cuddles, interaction, fun and games. Oh and presents! They have been very spoiled boys.

What a great bunch of pups these are. I know it's easy to say that about any litter, but we are genuinely enjoying having these guys around the place. Such a range of characters forever on the go. Ruadh and Quartz worked out how to scale the walls of the puppy pen. Thankfully both were caught on the top rail before any damage could be done but it gave us a fright. We've never had a litter that has climbed out of the pen before - ever! Not even the collie pups who are a lot bigger at this stage. Quartz is so small he can squeeze through the smallest of gaps, or under the things you'd least expect. His favourite spot to hide is under the vetbed. Fox had a brief but worrying encounter with the vet this week when he was unwell for a few hours but was quickly back on track. He spent the morning on a drip (until he felt better and pulled it out!) and the afternoon 'tanking around' backstage at the vets being played with by all the vets and nurses who had a slow day!

This week's photos are brought to you courtesy of a liberal application of tubes of a famous brand of squeezy cheese. Licking that off their noses was the only thing that kept them still for a few moments. Yes, that is squeezy cheese you see all down Drago's bib. We had such difficulty keeping him still that the cheese went everywhere. You have to believe how tricky the photoshoots can get at this stage.

It seems incredible that the coming week will be spent preparing for their departure, assembling puppy packs, arranging vet checks, microchips and travel arrangements. This has to have been the fastest seven weeks in history, although I'm sure the puppy people would disagree!