Our simply gorgeous BC girl Suri and the handsome and talented Mr Hitch welcomed their litter of five pups on Sunday 10th March.

Suri has a solid, broad-based, traditional pedigree. As an individual she is beautiful, loving, kind, fun, scarily intelligent, biddable and has a physique and athletic ability second to none. Watching her run free over the fields is food for the soul; sheer poetry in motion. As you would expect from Kilnhurst, both Suri and Hitch are fully health tested.

The search for a stud dog that would equal and of course synergise, all of Suri's amazing qualities was a long and meticulous one. As so often though the answer was right under our noses, in the form of the talented 'officer and gentleman' that is Hitch. All six generations of the pups' pedigree are packed full of dogs we have known, loved and worked. This is a very exciting litter indeed.

Hitch and Suri's litter arrived safely on 10th March 2019. This liter has the theme of 'Time' (more to the point, luxury brand watchmakers) since the last born boy kept us waiting almost ten tortuous hours before he put in an appearance.
We have five pups, four boys and one girl:

Kemp    (Kilnhurst Til Bakka)
Hoozy   (Kilnhurst Keep The Faith)
Tailor  (Kilnhurst Coppatunity)
Kittie  (Kilnhurst Copy Kat
Jura   (Kilnhurst Rufus Rockstar)


Sunday 10th march 2019 :  Birthday!


Keaton P Myrick, watchmaker
Oregon, USA
  21:45 red and white boy

Clerc Watches
'Watches of Switzerland'
22:15 black and white boy

Ancient Greek for the right, critical, or opportune moment.
22:18 red and white boy


Fabien Cacheux, haute horlogerie

22:32  black and white girl

Swiss-American mechanical watchmaker
10:42 11-03-19
black and white boy

Happy Birthday, babies! Woo Hoo, that was a ride! Suri's whelping started out cooking on gas and we had dared to hope that all would be done and dusted on the Sunday night, especially when Clerc, Kairos and Cacheux all arrived within about 15 minutes of each other.

Sadly it was not to be. A fifth perfect pup was born sleeping in the early hours of Monday, which despite frantic attempts, could not be revived. And then the wait for number six ... a staggering 9hrs 45mins later, much hair having been torn out and all of us aging several years in the process, Codek decided to arrive. There are times, many times in fact, when breeding is not for the faint hearted.

So, they are safely here and what beauties they are! Handsomely marked, noisy, active and very snuggly. This is our first litter of Kilnhurst Collies in eight and a half years, and our first litter containing black and whites, for 11yrs. Very rare things, are black and white Kilnhurst Collies!
Suri is an attentive mother and her brood are already gaining weight at a good pace. We can't wait to watch these special pups grow and see what the future holds for them.

week 1


Our 'Mr Mellow' is an unruffled, calm but purposeful character
and handsome to boot


This busy, active boy knows what he wants and he's not afraid to get it, or complain when he doesn't!

A level-headed, strong and leggy lad with quiet determination
and a cute goatee beard!


Sugar and spice and all things nice, this adorable girl is absolutley beautiful inside and out


Mr Green our big boy is getting less green by the day. Such a handsome, snuggly chubber.

Phew. After the drama of their arrival last week the pups have spent a quiet week in the nest, feeding, feeding and feeding. They are growing at a tremendous rate and are strong and very active. Suri is a wonderful mother and with a glossy coat of silk, has already got her figure back and is enjoying the freedom of running in the springtime fields again.

It's good to see poor Codek getting whiter on the white bits as the days go by. Due to placenta pigmentation before birth he was born a striking shade of lime green, which was a bit alarming at first. Now our lovely chunky boy is starting to look more like proper collie colours - green and black not being the usual uniform!

The pups are very busy around the box. We're looking forward to eyes starting to open in the coming week. At that point their world opens up to new possibilities and their real characters start to show through. Are we enjoying this litter of pups already? You bet we are. They're gorgeous.



Last to go, on the eye front.
Wakey wakey, Keaton.


This lovely boy just gets more distinguished by the minute


It's not the ideal look Kairos; one eye open and the other still shut!


Could this girl get any cuter?
A photoshoot pro already.


The hunky chunk with eyes
almost open

A second comparatively peaceful week in the nest box, which is always good to report. Some pups have eyes open, others are on their way and will be taking their first glimpse of the world in the next few days.

It's always a bit frustrating at this stage, that the puppies pancake when you try to take their photos. Get a camera out and they all hit the deck like they've been glued to the towel. In the box they are up and about doing the wobbly walk, really quite mobile. Codek even tried 'jumping' over Kairos this week, although that didn't go so well. We've had to put the slats in across the box door because they can climb out over the low threshold. You'd never know it, judging by these photos. Ho, hum.

All the pups are doing very well and everybody has topped the 1kg mark this week, which is good to see.
Roll on next week!



Looking the very image of his dad Hitch, Keaton is taking the world in his stride

Now the biggest of the litter, Clerc is a strong-minded yet very loving boy


What a stunning lad, nicknamed Harry Potter because of the lightning blaze on his collar


Well what can you say? Beautiful Miss Casheux melts the hearts of everyone she meets


Looking less green by the week thankfully, this handsome boy is a smashing if noisy all-rounder

All change! Pups have well and truly got their eyes open and a couple of them arranged a derring-do  escape committee from the nest box. The little family have now been transferred to the bigger playpen in the kitchen from where they have met the rest of the canine family from the safety of the pen. The pups are very happy with this arrangement but especially Suri who was starting to worry that she was missing out on things when she was in the 'maternity suite'. Now at least she can see what's going on and nurse her pups at the same time, the nosy parker.

Weaning has started very successfully and the pups have eagerly consumed a range of mushed-up meats. The pups have started playing, chewing each other and falling over each other and their own feet. Absoluely delightful.

This weekend saw the first of some very special visitors who came to meet the pups. The pups were quite delighted with new ears, noses and chins to chew! I think ours must have become a bit boring by now.







Here's a big catch-up of weeks 4, 5 and 6! Ooops. There was a bit of a laptop crisis and access to the website was not available. Those followers on FaceBook have been kept up to date but sadly the website could not be touched. We're back now though, large as life and twice as natural.

The pups have had an extremely busy couple of weeks. Now firmly established in the kitchen they are growing at a frankly scary rate. Their fun playpen 'gym' is completely conquered; bungeed banana boxes bounced on, clambered over, chewed, tunnels run and crawled through. The biggest hit of course is the ball pit which sends the pups into a frenzy of delight and us into an equal frenzy of ball catching.
They've explored the downstairs of the house, the garden and the back field, which they have declared to be much to their liking. They decided they liked the look of the sheep in the back field but the woolly giants were probably a bit too big to tackle for the time being. They've had some very important guests in the form of their Scottish  'grandmas' and they've been cuddled and adored by a string of visitors including our two little step-granddaughters when the family stayed over for Easter. I'm pretty sure these are going to be classicly bomb-proof Kilnhursts by the time they leave home.

Next week it's the Volhard tests, vet checks and microchips. Life continues apace!


Agghh it's almost departure time! It doesn't seem like two minutes ago these fabulous little characters entered our lives and stamped their pawprints firmly all over our hearts. The Volhards completed, microchips in place, registrations applied for - it's time to make up the puppy packs and get the pups ready for their new lives and adventures. Boy but we're going to miss these not-so-little handfuls!
Some of them have a long trek south this weekend, it's going to be a sad old drive for me but I know there are some very excited new homes waiting for their special delivery, which makes it all worthwhile.

Suri is an attentive and doting mother, we're so pleased with the way she has raised our next generation of Kilnhurst Collies. We're pretty sure you all know what they look like by now as individuals so here's a parting shot of the family together for the last time, enjoying a walk up the field in the warm spring sunshine.

Until we meet again puppies - we bid you a fond and tearful adieux.