KILNHURST RUFUS REIVER   :   KENZY   :   19.11.2010 - present

Kenny is a third generation Kilnhurst collie - the son of our Una and the amazing Storm, Agility Champion Kapia Konquest. He was the last born of their two litters. As the son of Una, Kenny is also the grandson of Dexter and Skye, so encompassing the phenomenal legacy of both Batavia and Kapia lineages.
Being the first of our collies to be born and raised in the Scottish Borders, he has acquired the KC name of 'Reiver'  - a historical Border Raider. His pet-name of Kenzy is a variety of potato ... his litter were given potato nest-names because they were conceived in a potato field! His friends call him Kenny.

Kenny is a striking, split-faced tricolour dog with the deep mahogany red of his mum Una. He has expressive pale almond eyes with a flash of blue marbling in one eye. Very handsome. Except perhaps for those ears, which have absolutely no idea which way to go; we have one up and one down most of the time. As this is so remeniscent of granddad Dexter's trademark ears, we don't mind too much.

Kenny has a strong, innate herding eye, allied with a simply breathtaking turn of effortless power and speed. He is without a doubt by far and away the fastest and most naturally talented dog I have ever met; he's quick, clever and great fun to have around. In the house he's an affable, affectionate lad who loves company and cuddles, chatting away to you in his entertaining mixture of purrs, chirrups and grunts.

Kenny attended basic obedience classes and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He worked in agility with a lovely junior handler who trained him virtually from scratch and with whom he attended the Open Junior Agility Championships in March 2014, respresenting Scotland. Sadly other important priorities such as University and studies eventually enter junior handler's lives. These days Kenny is retired and enjoying being spoiled as a family dog with our younger daughter's household.