Jolly is our MAS foundation bitch although she is actually a small AKC and KC pedigree Australian Shepherd with numerous AKC and ASCA Champions behind her including a Great Uncle who took BOB at Westminster in 2002.
Jolly imported in January 2008, eleven months after first meeting her as a three-week old puppy in California. It was a long and tortuous wait and we were fortunate to have found such a patient and understanding breeder who kept her for almost a year and prepared her for export.
Jolly is named after the Pacific beach resort of La Jolla (pronounced 'Hoiyah') near where she was born. She is a loving, generous, kind, happy and even-tempered dog, a true 'earth mother'. Any human or canine in need of comfort and reassurance, finds solace cuddled into Jolly. She is the matriarch of our MAS pack and a hugely stabilising influence on the youngsters. She is also chief ear-washer and even cleans the ears on soft toys (this is a mystery to us, too.)

Jolly has a passion for water and preferably mud, too. Ponds, streams, puddles, the beach or the hose-pipe - if it involves water or mud, she's in it. Jolly is a bright, clever and powerful little lady. She competed successfully in agility but had a limited career because whilst she easily jumped full height it would have been wrong to create any long-term health issues for her, just to indulge a hobby.
Jolly had three litters with our boy Roadie, born in July 2011, August 2012 and October 2013. Jolly truly loved her puppies, lavishing attention on them and raising them meticulously. She still cleans them even as adults, given half the chance!
Jolly is mum to Clovis and Minx and grandma to Ace and Henna.

Jolly Stats

Date of birth
BVA Hips (HD) 5:6
BVA Elbows (OCD) 0:0
BVA eye test cleared annually (most recent 18.05.2013, 6.5yrs)
DNA Clear (normal) for CEA/CH, GPRA, HSF4, IGS, DM
DNA Carrier for MDR1
Tail long, docked
Height 18", 46cm
Sire Snowcrest's Thundering Blitzen: AKC DN12181402
Dam Bonza Cascabel: AKC DL83568101