Bonza's La Jolla of Kilnhurst   :  Jolly  :  28.01.2007 - PRESENT

Jolly is our beautiful Australian Shepherd Dog from Bonza Australian Shepherds in California. She imported in January 2008, eleven months after I first met her as a three-week old puppy. I was lucky beyond description to find a breeder as genuine, patient and understanding as Lynn who not only bred such a gorgeous girl but was willing to keep her for almost a year and prepare her for her EU Pet Passport for import. I will be forever grateful to Lynn for all that she did, and continues to do, for us. Her mentorship is invaluable.

Jolly was named after the beautiful Pacific-beach resort of La Jolla (pronounced 'Hoiya') near where she was born. Her character is as sweet as her face; she is a loving, generous, kind, happy and even-tempered dog. Like most Aussies she can initially be reserved around strangers but has a smile and a whole-body-wiggle for her friends and family. She loves to be a part of anything that's going on and to be touched, held and cuddled at every opportunity which as you can imagine, is not a difficult chore to have to do! She settled in extremely quickly and is now firmly established as matriarch and chief ear-cleaner of our pack.

Jolly is happiest doing anything that involves water and preferably mud, too. Ponds, lakes, streams, the beach or the hose-pipe - if it involves water, Jolly's your girl. Her capacity to find muddy puddles to wallow in, is legendary. I have had occasion to wonder if she is part hippopotamus.
Jolly is a very clever girl and thoroughly enjoys training in any discipline, she's quick to learn whatever you teach her and eager to please in whatever you ask her to do. She has a tremendously powerful style with tons of torque and very tight turns. When the 'imp' takes over and she sneaks off with one the collie's favourite toys, she can out-run and out-wit even the fastest. She's one incredibly bright and powerful little lady.
She was trained and competed successfully in agility but I deliberately limited her career because of her height. She is a small Aussie who only just measures into KC Large jump height and although she has no trouble at all jumping full height it was not something I wanted to ask her to do a lifetime of. I was not prepared to generate any long-term joint or structural problems for her, just to indulge in my hobby. She's a formidable worker over Medium height and with the KC's introduction of the Lower Height Option, at long last (and at the tail end of her 'career'!) she had the chance to compete in full competition for a last couple of seasons.

Jolly is American Kennel Club (AKC) and KC pedigree registered Aussie. She counts numerous AKC and ASCA Champions in her line including her paternal Grandmother who is a multi-Champion and her paternal Great Uncle who took Best of Breed at Westminster in 2002.

Jolly had three litters of pups to our boy Roadie. Their first litter was born in July 2011, the second in August 2012 and the third in October 2013. Jolly is a most wonderful earth-mother and truly loves her puppies, lavishing attention on them and raising them meticulously. She still cleans them even as adults! When she hasn't got puppies to dote on, she makes do with cleaning and organising the humans.

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