Henna is an absolute force of nature, a whirlwind, hurricane and tornado rolled into one. The definition of the term 'brains and dynamite' perhaps ought to be rewritten. She's the youngest of the Kilnhurst MAS, the daughter of Minx and the granddaughter of Jolly and Roadie, our keeper pup from the last of the Ozzy x Minx litters - the 'Mozzies'.
I had mentioned to Minx that if she could build me a special mahogany girl that would be fantastic, but never actually expected that to happen. Minx did me proud, along came Henna and how amazing she is! Perfect. Our third generation MAS and dreams really do come true.

Henna has attended puppy classes and sailed through the assessments including the KCGCDS Puppy. She's now working on her Bronze and has already shown a promising aptitude for Scentwork. She blows me away with her intelligence, enthusiasm for training and effortless achievement. She really is an absolute gem, I am beyond delighted with her and my flagging training mojo has been revived.
Henna has already been DNA health tested since her generation has reached the limit of what can be safely claimed to be Clear By Parentage for some of the diseases. The physical tests will be done later at a breed-appropriate age.

Henna Stats

Date of birth
BVA Hips (HD) due 2021
BVA Elbows (OCD) due 2021
Patellas (Putnam 1968) due 2021
BVA eye test due end 2020
DNA Clear (normal) for CEA/CH, PRCD-PRA, CMR1, HSF4, CD, HUU, NCL6, MDR1, DM, DC
Tail long, NBT Clear
Height 16.5", 42cm at 8 months
Sire Dynasty's Ozzy Over The Mountain: AKC DN34834902
Dam Kilnhurst Fireflash: AKC DN38901601