Clovis is the first born son of Jolly and Roadie, the older brother of Minx and uncle of Ace.
Our Kilnhurst unconditional and lifetime guarantee to take our pups home if ever circumstances require, came into play for Clovis following the passing of his beloved owner. Clovis' mum knew that he would come home to live with his family, in the heart of the home and household he had been born into and raised, and this gave her great comfort after her terminal diagnosis and towards the end of their precious six and a half years together. We lost a very dear friend and Clovis lost his adored mum, it was a desparately sad time for us all and taking a grieving Clovis to his mum's funeral, as I also had promised, was a simply heartbreaking event for everyone.

Clovis was a much adored pet around whom his mum's life completely revolved. He was a Registered Therapet and together they were regular and popular visitors to homes and hospitals around the area. They were a familar sight walking the beaches and local links golf course, where Clovis became adept at rounding up 'lost' golf balls.

Clovis continues to be loved and adored by us and is home for keeps now. We parted with him once as a puppy and there's no way we could cope with letting him go twice. At 18.5" he is amongst the tallest of the Aussie pups we have bred and as part of our first litter is still (correctly) registered as an Australian Shepherd; he's not technically, a Mini American. He's not perhaps the most handsome or conformationally correct dog we've ever produced but Clovis' beauty is inside: he is a grand, chunky, fluffy teddy bear of a dog and is one of the sweetest, gentlest, most amenable, huggable and affable characters you could ever wish to meet. He has fitted back in the family as if he never left, which is wonderful. We love you, Clovey-babe.