Puppy Application

home-grown pups

We breed the occasional litter of pups; mostly for the sheer pleasure of it and usually just one litter a year. Enormous care is taken to find the right partners for our dogs; matching temperaments, breed lines, physical qualities and health tests. Puppies are born and raised as part of our household; they are raw-fed and holistically reared.

Our pups receive our undivided love, attention and devotion. If your ideal dog comes in a currently fashionable size or colour, or is farmed on a breeding kennel with impersonal concrete runs and wire mesh fencing, then you're looking on the wrong website. Kilnhursts are home-grown 'babies' and our pride and joy.
Kilnhurst is a UKMASC 5* Approved Breeder. We hold ourselves to the very highest standards and ethics in every respect.

If you want to know more about any of the litters shown below you can click on the photo to take you to their litter diary page.

working breeds FOR active homes

In addition to lovely temperaments, our puppies are bred with working activities in mind.
Many of our past pups are making us proud in various performance venues including agility, flyball, obedience, tracking and scentwork; including qualifications for prestigious events such as Discover Dogs, Crufts and the UKA Grand Finals. We count a number of registered Therapets and Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold amongst our pups, too.

Both Mini Americans and Border Collies are working breeds; not everybody can cope with their boundless energy and specific requirements. Couch potatoes they certainly are not! They are bright and learn quickly, but that means they can learn bad habits just as fast as good ones. Because of this our puppies will NOT be sold to sedentary homes, or where they will be left alone and lonely for large parts of the day. These dogs would drive an inactive home, and themselves, completely crazy. Neither breed is particularly suitable for the first-time dog owner.

Potential owners should familiarise themselves with the requirements and drives of both these breeds and should not consider either unless able to assure a dog an active, secure and loving home for life.

health & temperament tested

All our breeding dogs have had an extensive range of health tests. We are happy to show you the original documentation, discuss the tests, the results and their implications.

Our puppies are Volhard Puppy Aptitude Tested before they leave home. The results of this non-invasive test gives future owners an insight into the potential character of their new dog and can suggest the training style and approach which each pup may respond to best.
Our puppies are NOT subjected to the so-called 'Super-Puppy Programme' (Early Neurological Stimulation or ENS.) Don't even ask.

When placing our pups, we try of course to accommodate prefences for gender and coat colour etc, but our priority in finding the most successful and enduring match between pup and prospective home, is character. These dogs will become an integral part of your life and your family for hopefully 15 years or so. There is no point offering you a pup that we know from the outset, is not a good fit.

registration & sales contract

All our pups are registered on the Kennel Club Activities Register which entitles them to compete in the full range of dog sports, but not the Kennel Club show ('conformation') ring.
The Mini American litters are also registered as pedigree Miniature American Shepherds with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Since the breed has been fully recognised by the AKC, (July 2015) the lengthy and complicated process towards breed recognition in the UK has begun.

Our pups are sold with their registration papers with all registries, endorsed against breeding. In general it is expected that pups will be spayed or neutered at maturity.
In exceptional circumstances endorsements may be lifted at our discretion once the pup reaches two years of age, subject to proof of satisfactory health testing and following full discussion.


We guarantee to keep in touch with our owners and to offer support and advice (if the owners so wish) for the pup's entire life. If the pup is ever to be rehomed we require absolutely the right of first refusal; our pups have a completely unconditional, non-judgemental lifetime take-back guarantee written into the sales contract. None of our pups should ever face the ordeal of rescue. A Kilnhurst can always come home.

We maintain a waiting list for our litters and are always willing to discuss our amazing breeds and to share our information and ethusiasm with potential owners. For the past few years our breeding has been focussed on producing top quality Mini Americans, however 2018 will hopefully see the long-awaited return of a litter of Kilnhurst Collies, too.

The quality, characters and natures of our pups, combined with the love, affection and attention to detail over their raising, has resulted in numerous repeat customers (maybe better called 'offenders'?!) over the years. We never advertise our pups anywhere other than via or our own social media (this site or our Facebook page), most of them are placed by word of mouth which is exactly how we like it.  Waiting lists are usually closed long before a litter arrives.

If you are interested in a future Kilnhurst puppy, please introduce yourself and kick-start the conversation via the Questionnaire below.

Please be aware that we are unlikely to respond to puppy enquiries that arrive without a completed questionnaire.  People who can't find the time to answer a few questions, probably haven't got time for a puppy, either.