Ace is the youngest MAS of the Kilnhurst Clan. He's the son of our Ringo (Double R Ringo of Kilnhurst) and our home-bred girl Koda (Kilnhurst Carma Chameleon) who lives with Ivormyth Miniature American Shepherds.

Ace very much resembles his daddy. A small black tri with the occasional naughty spot on his nose, the physical similarities are obvious, but Ace also takes after his father in many of his characteristics. He talks to you in the same cute grunts, dances in circles when he's happy and runs at you in that classic aussie U-shape when he greets you. He's more than happy to launch himself into your arms from a standstill and end up being cuddled. When he's not impressed about something he wrinkles his nose just like Ringo and on those rare occasions you ever hear him grumble, he vibrates too! He's always the first to join in with any dog games, and is absolutely guaranteed to be in the same room in the house as we are. His loyalty and affection are unbounded. What a sweetheart!

Small in stature but big in character, Ace very much enjoyed his early pet obedience classes where he sailed through his KC Good Citizens Dog Scheme - Bronze. Despite being one of nature's athletes, he was completely uninspired by Agility. Ace much prefers Tracking and Scentwork at which he excels; he has a phenomenal  talent when it comes to using his nose. Ace is at his happiest when his harness and long line come out and he's off out in the fields and moors tracking or man-trailing, he genuinely loves having a job to do. He attends regular tracking classes and we hope to be able to add a few titles in due course.